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Internet of Things (IoT)
Development Services

The Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, (also referred to as "connected devices" and "smart devices"), buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. The integration of these devices requires scalable, secure and robust integration services and technology.

We provide a range of services to integrate IoT devices and platforms together in a robust and secure manner. We implement our well established integration patterns to a large range of IoT devices efficiently and at scale. This integration is enabled in the cloud which means we can scale the integration of 100’s to Millions of sensors and devices worldwide.

We can leverage the existing investments you have made in enterprise applications and databases and connect these with your IoT infrastructure to bi directional messages to be sent to devices and sensors. This integration also incorporates security considerations for each of your connected devices – and help retain the confidentiality of both cloud-to-device and device-to-cloud messages.

Case Studies on Internet of Things (IoT)

Logistics- IoT
  • Asset Tracking System

  • Highly Customizable, IoT Powered Solutions for Asset and Vehicle Tracking Services Provider


A leading provider of vehicle and asset tracking services that tracks thousands of assets spread across multiple geographies. The customer used a manual system to track the movement and condition of assets. This logistics challenge incurred heavy costs to the client.

  • The existing system could only track a very few assets and was unable to generate advanced reports.
  • Tracking devices from multiple manufacturers that followed different protocols.
  • Inability to derive Analytics, Business Intelligence and Insights from the data.
  • When the number of assets tracked grew exponentially, the system began to break at the layers.

We built a highly scalable and robust message processing server that can even handle offline devices. Our custom report builder offers their workforce more flexibility at work. Introduction of geo-fencing and driver behavior analysis module strengthened the security of the application. In addition to this, we also developed an analytics engine that helps in business forecasting.

  • 50+ predefined reports generated in minimal time
  • 100% scalable solution that tracks new devices as they are added
  • 2x improvement in cost recoveries

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Manufacturing- IoT
  • Solution
    Integrate IoT Devices

  • Empowering IoT Devices with Mobile Capabilities to Drive Efficiencies and Savings for Manufacturer of Water Chemistry Controllers


For a leading manufacturer of water chemistry controllers, it might seem simple to implement steps to assess the quality of water bodies located at different places. Imagine a single person responsible for checking water quality of swimming pools or tanks at multiple locations. This deprives them of their valuable time, which could have been utilized effectively.

  • The staff that monitor water quality had to visit the location physically to check the parameters.
  • There was no provision to alert the staff at emergency times.
  • The quality of water is gauged against more than 16 parameters, and the information sent by the sensors is in a form incomprehensible to humans.
  • Presence of multiple types of instruments and different versions of the same type of instrument generated humongous quantity of data.
  • Absence of proper analytics system to derive meaningful insights from data.

We integrated all their IoT devices in order to provide reports, analytics and insights from a central depository. Now the water quality monitoring personnel get instant alerts on any issues with the water conditions, irrespective of their locations. Additionally, there is a user configurable module to provide powerful analytics and insights.

  • 100% field staff currently supported by mobile application
  • 25 to 5 hours reduction in lead time due to data and process automation
  • 100% scalable mobile solution that adapts to new IoT devices and sensors

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  • Health Monitoring

  • Integration of IoT Medical Diagnostics Devices and Wearables that Supports Healthcare Providers to View Real-time Health Parameters of Patients


A leading healthcare plan provider in the UK that delivers software products to assist healthcare organizations. The customer creates and delivers healthcare plans for patients suffering from chronic diseases.

  • The customer used a manual system to update the health parameters
  • The healthcare provider had to maintain a large workforce to undertake home care visits. This costed them heavily.
  • Sometimes, health parameter variations recorded on a wearable device used by the patient are not updated across the systems.
  • Doctors failed to get consolidated reports on patients’ health status.

We integrated numerous IoT medical diagnostics devices available in the market and developed an application that brings together wearables and mobile application used by patients. Now the system generates accurate patient health statistics. This helps the doctors to administer the right drug or suggest the healthcare plan suitable for the patient.

  • 60% cost savings due to reduction in home visits
  • 3x improvement in tracking the effectiveness of healthcare plans
  • 100% consolidated as well as individual patient reports accessible to doctors

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