Comprehensive B2C Application for an Inbound Tour Operator

Travel & Leisure

About the customer

An inbound tour operator based in Kerala.

the business

The customer offers standard as well as tailor made tour packages, transportation arrangement, and hotel booking services to their end users (travelers visiting Kerala).

the Challenge

  • The customer did not have a full-fledged online channel to market their services. This limited their visibility in the market.
  • The customer depended heavily on manual processes to arrange holiday trips for their users and manage their communications. This consumed a lot of time and money.
  • Since most of their bookings came through word-of-mouth references, the number of bookings was not increasing as expected.
  • The absence of a user-friendly B2C portal and online booking services made the business stagnant.

The requirement

The customer wanted an easily navigable B2C application that should help their users explore the various tour packages and book their holiday trips without much effort. The website should display standard as well as customizable tour packages, set according to the preferences of the user.

The Solution

We developed a comprehensive web application for the customer to support the end travelers. Following are the key features of the B2C travel portal:

  • The portal displays well-defined tour packages listed by the tour operator for travelers visiting Kerala. Users can request their preferences, if they are unable to find a specific package that they need (such as a particular destination they like to visit).
  • Integration of online booking feature. User can fill the given form and book a tour package. They can also contact the tour operator through phone, contact form, or email.
  • Integration of the following features:
    • Payment gateways
    • Food and accommodation
    • Travel and transportation
    • Hotel rooms and excursions
  • Additionally, the application also provides assistance to foreign travelers visiting Kerala. These services include visa processing support, travel guide services, greeting and picking up the travelers on their arrival, and assisting them during their departure.
  • Automation has enabled travelers to easily check the availability of seats and receive booking confirmation status and alerts on time.
  • Automation of inventory management supports the tour operator to keep track of available rooms and facilitate bookings for the travelers.
  • A strong back-office and accounting module to manage bookings payments, as well as accounting functions.

The Benefits

  • The tour operator is able to reach a wider audience and easily deal with them
  • Single place to manage bookings, payments, confirmations and everything related to a trip
  • Automation has minimized workload for the tour operator
  • Structured data management improves convenience
  • Efficient cost and time savings
  • Stable and increased cash inflow

Results at a Glance

  • 2xreduction of redundant administrative tasks
  • 50% improvement in operational efficiency
  • 100%streamlined data management

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