Court Management System for Legal Industry


The Customer

A global financial hub in the Middle East with its own independent, internationally regulated judicial system and a common law framework.

The Business

The customer is a cosmopolitan business community (Special Economic Zone) housing hundreds of financial institutions, including wealth funds and private investors, multinational retail outlets, and various other corporate offices. They have an independent judiciary system that handles all financial arbitrations related to the economic zone.

The Challenge

  • The client used a legacy desktop application, which was not scalable.
  • The application was inaccessible to authorized users when they use an external network.
  • The system was not automated. Most of the information was stored in Word files that had to be searched and attached for each case.
  • Difficult to maintain the growing amounts of data.
  • Effective security measures were not implemented.
  • The maintenance cost of the application was high.

The Requirement

Developing a secure application was critical for the client as they had to manage vast amounts of significant data that involved:

  • Details regarding all cases and court payments
  • Information related to advocates and law firms
  • Up-to-date schedule of case hearings

Following were the requirements put forth by the client to address the above challenges:

  • Develop a new web-based system with scalable technologies.
  • Migrating the whole data to a secure and strong database.
  • Need to improve speed and usability.
  • Authorized users from external network should be able to access the application.
  • Need to port all existing data and automate all processes.
  • Ability to do OCR on attached documents.
  • Integration with the following:
    • Online payment gateways
    • SAP integration
    • Third-party services
    • Integration with LDAP
  • The system should be extensively scalable.
  • A mobile application for easy and convenient access, regardless of the location of the user.
  • The new system should be device-responsive.

The Solution

We implemented the following solutions to fulfil the requirements made by the client:

  • Developed a highly responsive, web-based application to manage all types of court records.
  • Optimized code and database operations for increasing the speed of the application.
  • Automated all processes and implemented usability standards.
  • Integrated with online payment gateways.
  • People from outside network with proper authentication credentials can access the system.
  • Integrated the application with their current SAP system.
  • Application server is load balanced to reduce peak hour loads.
  • Implemented a secure and advanced feature to store documents.
  • Developed a cross- platform mobile application for end users.

The Benefits

  • 100% automated and highly scalable web application
  • Authorized users can access application from external networks
  • Implemented advanced security features
  • Lower operation and maintenance costs
  • Safe storage of all legal and financial data


  • 24x7access even from remote locations
  • 100%up-to-date tracking of cases and court records
  • 65%reduction in maintenance costs

Streamlining legal industry operations with digital transformation

Today’s law makers and legal departments are witnessing a paradigm shift in the way they operate. From streamlined invoice processing systems to case management, and court administration applications, we provide highly secured, scalable, and integrated cloud solutions that could be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Our Natural Language Processing solutions enables legal professionals to make informed-decisions quickly by discovering key insights hidden inside huge volumes of data. We implement highly customizable solutions that can be tailored to suit your specific needs, using our process-driven agile development skills. Connect with our legal domain experts to learn more.


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