Automated Regression Testing for a Data Analytics Project

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A marketing and advertising firm that helps users to identify, map, and engage their interactions with experts/ specialists in a particular field. The client enables its customers to make informed decisions on these experts based on advanced insights.


The client uses a variety of innovative and sophisticated models to enable their customers to visualize their entire “expert landscape” in a unique way. They do this by gathering information regarding the key experts from various sources of data and then generate different types of reports from this data.


The data used by the customer to identify the experts and generate reports undergoes frequent additions and modifications. Moreover, each expert identification project is divided into multiple sub-projects depending on the expert’s domain. Each main project has hundreds of reports generated using the data. New reports are added to the system often. Every time a live deployment is done on the customer’s system, all the reports should work fine, and the pages should not throw any errors.

  • Manual data entry and validation methods increased the probability of errors in data.
  • Increase in the number of projects and reports made manual testing more complex.
  • Whenever a data change or functionality change happens, there was a need to check the reports in all the projects.
  • User registration, login, change password, and profile management had to be verified each time, when changes happen.
  • Need to perform Search on each report with pre-defined keywords and ensure that the expected results are displayed.
  • All the above activities need to be happen in a very short span of time.


The client wanted to reduce the manual effort spent on the following activities:

  • Validating all the projects while changing the existing data or adding a new data
  • Check if all the reports and their corresponding filters are loaded appropriately after data changes
  • Verify user registrations, logins and profile management during data changes

The requirement was to automate the exhaustive manual processes involved in the report generation.


We automated the regression testing using two different tools- Selenium and Sahi.

  • Different functionalities are recorded and preserved as sessions using Selenium and Sahi.
  • The values for the variables are submitted through CSV and Excel files.
  • Each time a new functionality is added or data is changed, the values for variables are also changed, and the recorded sessions are run.
  • After running the recorded session, the tool provides a list of log, that allows the development team to verify if any failures are reported.


  • Improved the efficiency and speed of the testing process
  • Minimized the chance of errors in the data
  • Increased savings on effort and expenditure


  • 75%reduction in test cycle time
  • 40%decrease in post-production efforts
  • 50%decline in overall testing costs

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