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A marketing and advertising firm that helps users to identify, map, and engage their interactions with influencers. The client enables its customers to make informed decisions on these influencers/ experts based on advanced insights.

THE background

The client uses a variety of innovative and sophisticated models to enable their customers to visualize their entire influencer landscape in a unique way. They needed a strong technology partner who can understand their requirements and identify the right tools and technologies to implement their needs in a cost-effective and time-bound manner.

Business Challenges

  • Dependency on manual data collection methods consumed a lot of productive time.
  • With the increase in data and analysis work, manual procedures were difficult for the customer.
  • Making adequate customizations to reports and dashboards as new processes evolve
  • Establishing a streamlined Change Management Process for handling Change Requests
  • Implementing time-bound changes to sustain the quality as business grows
Technical Challenges
  • The primary challenge was to fetch data from numerous sources like manual entries, online publications, web portals, websites, social media, excel sheets etc.
  • Advanced reports to be generated and run in accordance with the growing amount of data.
  • Managing the huge database to accommodate the data explosion.
  • Splitting Tables into Transactions Tables and Reporting Tables, that involved many technical complexities.
  • Increasing the speed of front-end rendering
  • Identify and implement the right third-party tools to represent insights in the most intuitive manner.

the requirement

The client wanted to build a comprehensive software application that is capable of collecting data from multiple sources, run algorithms on it and help them to identify and map the key influencers (experts). The data about each influencer should be presented to the end users in a graphical and tabular format. Influencers in a particular field need to be prioritized and displayed based on their overall rankings.


The following three tools were developed to enable the client to identify, map, and engage with the respective market experts.

This tool provides reports based on data fetched from different sources. Sources include manual entries, data derived by web services, online publications, events and conferences, portals etc. The data about each expert in a specific area is represented using a comprehensive analytical dashboard. Reports are generated by running complex algorithms. These reports help the end users to find the right market influencers in the required field.

The CRM tool helps the user to instantly identify and select the experts they need to work with. It is a highly scalable, agile tool. CRM tool allows the user to:

  • Plan their engagement/ interactions with the chosen experts
  • Implement the plan
  • Track their interactions with the Influencers
  • Report on the interactions
  • Measure the activities against their objectives

The Insights Management Platform helps to gather, analyze, and report field-based insights. This platform observes the industries trying to capture insights from numerous sources, and develops better ways to improve their experience. Additionally, this tool supports managers and stakeholders who use these insights to take strategic and tactical decisions.


  • Continual development and enhancement of reports by capturing insights in each situation
  • Comprehensive, complete, and creative platform for insights management
  • Increased customer satisfaction by improving productivity and performance
  • Highly scalable and user-friendly architecture
  • Offers comprehensive analytical dashboard on every single expert in all the areas


  • 55%of research and analysis time saved for users
  • 3xaccuracy improvement in influencer identification
  • 100%flexible platform opens to enhancements

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