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A leading software provider that offers an Online Reputation Management Platform on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for organizations.

The Business

The customer offers a reputation management platform that allows companies to track their customer reviews, feedbacks and customer satisfaction index and turn feedback information into actionable data to improve their products and services.

The Online Reputation Management application is used to monitor all online review sites (channels). It fetches reviews and responses from various channels and generates customized reports. Along with this application, there is a Customer Satisfaction Survey module (to gain feedback) and a Service Desk to handle customer grievances.

Challenges Faced

  • It was difficult to gather and assort customer reviews from different channels (online sites) which exist in different formats.
  • Absence of a portal that shows all the reviews on a single page at a single-click.
  • Comparing the reviews of one establishment with another was done manually. This consumed a lot of time.
  • Though some of the review sites (channels) provided their own APIs for fetching reviews, most of the sites had to be checked by the user manually.
  • Apart from online (website) reviews, few establishments have their reviews in other formats like excel or xml.
  • Standardizing a single display format for reviews from different sources was a challenge.

the requirement

The customer put forth the following requirements to improve their solutions:

  • A web interface for administrator to manage Online Reputation Management feature. This also manages the configuration part of Establishments.
  • Interface for users to gather reviews and do comparisons of all the data in the online reputation management module.
  • Feature to get Monthly reports: An algorithm that updates the user about current trends.
  • Option to compare reviews on various establishments as well as comparison between branches of a single establishment.


We delivered the following solutions:

  • Functionality to gather social media performance statistics from Facebook and Twitter. Following details are fetched and displayed:
    • Social Media Follower count in both Twitter and Facebook
    • Social Dashboard on Facebook: Engagement, Page Status, Demographics, Page Visits, Top Page Fans by Country, Recent Feeds and Recent Posts
    • Social Dashboard on Twitter: Twitter Stats, Recent Tweets, Twitter Recent Mentions, Recent Tweets For #
  • Implemented Selenium web driver to scrape websites that do not offer APIs for fetching reviews.
  • Highly customized the Selenium web driver so that it will manage to scrape the site without any glitches.
  • Developed a web interface for configuring establishments and viewing reviews for the users.
  • Created a backend service that will accept different types of review sources. The service also generates and saves the reviews in a single standard format within the database.
  • This backend service is a plugin model so that the customer can easily add new channels without any major coding.
  • Implemented Auto Discovery feature for finding the appropriate web page for all establishments present in their database. So, in case the client wants to add a new channel to the Reviews Scraping project, they do not have to find each establishment page manually. They just need to run Auto Discover, and it will fetch the corresponding page for each establishment.
  • Used Amazon S3 to store and fetch large files/ images. Amazon Cloud Search is integrated for searching stored images or files.


  • The customer is now able to provide their clients a common platform to view all reviews/ responses scattered across different websites.
  • Remarkable increase in Establishment count, due to the facility to scrape almost all channels (Websites).
  • Improves productivity by reducing manual work
  • Ability to handle huge files/images without affecting website performance
  • Quickly share information about current trends with their customers
  • Generate and view highly customized dashboards and reports

Results at a Glance

  • 300% increase in speed of insights generation
  • 55% cost savings and productivity improvement with process automation
  • 100% customized reports and social dashboards (both individual and consolidated)

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