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The customer offers an online platform that enables businesses to market their products quickly and effectively. Using this platform, vendors can easily connect to affiliates and other business development assets.

The Business

The customer serves small and local businesses that are online or offline to increase their product sales by enabling them to connect with the potential affiliates in the market. They offer a web-based platform that helps businesses to get in touch with affiliates, manage affiliate coordination and market their products, with less effort and minimum expenditure.

the Challenge

  • The primary challenge was to improve the visibility of offline businesses and offline affiliates by integrating them to the customer’s platform. They did not have a highly customized system to support affiliate management and address vendor (business) requirements.
  • Some of the businesses as well as the affiliates might not have a web presence. Initially, the platform was not scalable to meet this challenge.
  • Businesses were unable to effectively utilize the services of the affiliates to market their products.
  • Difficult to track the actual traffic and product sales that come through affiliates.
  • Limited scope for vendors to promote their products across all the preferred channels.
  • Performance evaluation and commission calculation for the affiliates were done offline.
  • Businesses were unable to scale, which affected their sales and ROI.

the requirement

  • The requirement was to develop a platform that helps to easily build an online presence for offline businesses and affiliates.
  • Develop a full-fledged online advertisement management and tracking system.
  • The platform should support product marketing through affiliate coordination.
  • Provision to evaluate affiliate performance and determine rewards and commissions through the platform.
  • Remove the roadblocks in defining product pages and URL generation.
  • Streamline the data management system to improve the workflow.


We implemented the following solutions:

  • Option for vendors to define pages, enter product details and generate a reusable banner advertisement script.
  • The advertisement generation script is easily configurable, customizable, and functional across multiple channels, where the vendors want to showcase their products.
  • Simple drag and drop page designer feature that enables vendors to self-create product landing pages and page URLs. The page manager has widgets to support the vendors.
  • Enables vendors with product registration and affiliate mapping.
  • Admins can track and manage the number of orders generated via affiliate marketing.
  • Performance wise and period wise commission calculation for affiliates happens through the system.
  • Created a warehouse database to streamline the data management process.
  • Supports upload of data in any form- text, audio, video, images etc. The platform also provides integrations with social media channels.


  • Users can control and define how their web page must look or how their product ads should appear.
  • Responsive advertisement script that fits across channels, devices or platforms.
  • Improved visibility through online affiliate management.
  • Removed unnecessary delays in recognizing and rewarding the affiliate performance.
  • Increase in sales profitability motivates the vendors and the affiliates.
  • Reduced admin backlog and streamlined business operations.
  • An ideal platform for offline businesses to easily make their products visible to the world.

Results at a Glance

  • 100% robust platform for affiliate contract management
  • 5x improvement in online advertisement management
  • 45% reduction in operational costs

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