Manual Testing for a Document Transformation System



A leading procurement platform provider that offers full procurement exchange solutions for customers in the healthcare industry.


The customer provides a procurement exchange platform for hospitals and suppliers (vendors). They take the purchase orders issued by the hospitals and invoices raised by the suppliers, and transform these documents through their online procurement platform. The procurement exchange platform allows the buyers and suppliers to transact their business seamlessly.


The procurement exchange platform offers a feature to normalize the invoice formats sent by different suppliers. After normalizing the format, the invoice is processed and then re-converted into the required format before exchanging with the hospital. Mostly, the invoices from vendors arrive in formats such as pdf, EDI, csv, or xml. These are converted to a format acceptable by the customer’s ERP application. Similarly, purchase orders from hospitals undergo the same format normalization and de-normalization process, prior to the document exchange.

  • System involves multiple components and integrations, which makes the document verification more complex.
  • When new customers and vendors are on boarded to the system, each component needs to be tested individually to confirm if they are working properly.
  • It is impossible to implement automation testing since the process for each vendor and hospital will keep on changing.


Perform seamless manual testing of all the documents (invoices and purchase orders) that go through the document exchange platform to ensure rapid and error-free processing.


  • Created an exhaustive checklist for each process, with details on all the results that need to be captured.
  • All the acceptable values and rejection values are incorporated in the checklist.
  • Whenever a new user is on boarded to the system, new checklists are created and added to the list.
  • Entire data is validated against the checklist, which simplifies the testing process.


  • Improved the efficiency and speed of testing process
  • Minimized the chance of data errors
  • Increased savings on effort and expenditure


  • 3xdata accuracy improvement with manual testing
  • 45%reduction in invoice rejections
  • 50%faster and efficient invoice processing

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