Driver Assistance Mobile Application for a Logistics & Transportation Company


the customer

The customer is a specialist telematics and fleet management supplier for businesses in the construction, plant, waste management and commercial vehicle markets across the globe.

the business

The customer provides services that include advanced monitoring of assets, vehicles and workers through behavioral and usage reporting. The vehicle tracking solutions are provided using tracking devices, web application for depot managers, and mobile application for drivers.

the Challenge

The primary challenge was the lack of an automated system to inspect and update the condition of a vehicle, prior to commencing a trip. In most cases, the customer ended up paying heavy penalties due to vehicle break down. Most of the accidents also occurred due to the condition of the vehicles.

Following challenges hindered the day-to-day operations of depot managers and drivers.

  • Lack of proper guidelines for conducting vehicle inspection before commencing a trip.
  • Each vehicle provider used their own paper forms for updating vehicle condition details.
  • The content of the paper forms varied according to the type of vehicle.
  • It was difficult to convert paper forms to digital data.
  • Difficult to submit any supporting evidence regarding vehicle condition.
  • Depot managers faced delay in receiving vehicle inspection information.
  • Some of the drivers even skipped vehicle inspection and submitted inaccurate details.
  • Use of incorrect submission methods, such as completing inspection too quickly.
  • Unwanted operational overheads: The depot managers had to manually verify whether the vehicle was inspected or not.
  • High operational expenditure incurred with the processing of paper forms.
  • Data loss due to mishandling of physical documents.

The requirement

The customer wanted a mobile application that supports drivers and depot managers to perform the following functions:

  • Highly flexible and exhaustive checklist for vehicle inspection
  • Option for admins to configure the checklist for drivers depending on the vehicle type
  • Provision to send checklist reminders to the drivers
  • Alerts should be triggered for any skipped checklists
  • Vehicle identification using number plate recognition or barcode scanning
  • Option to report defects, accidents and third-party details
  • Drivers should be able to chat with depot managers from the incident spot
  • The mobile application should be functional both online and offline
  • Notifications and Alerts for rejected checklists, number plate recognition failures etc.

The Solution

We created a mobile application that supports drivers and depot managers with the following functions:

  • Immediate defect, accident, and incident reporting features
  • Dynamic checklist for vehicle inspection that can be configured by the admins for drivers
  • Online chat option for drivers to communicate with the office administrators
  • Automatic number plate recognition and barcode reader for identifying vehicles
  • Provision for drivers to submit any supporting documents on vehicle defects (such as photographs)
  • End-to-end driver management module

The Benefits

  • Rapidly identify vehicle details at the incident spot
  • Quick defect identification of vehicle prior to starting a trip
  • Reduction in the processing time and operational delays
  • Easy to capture the details of accidents caused by third-party vehicles
  • The drivers can easily communicate with the depot managers via online chat feature

Results at a Glance

  • 80%effort savings with process automation
  • 75% improvement in the productivity of drivers
  • 3x faster and accurate vehicle identification process

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