Face recognition technology enables crime prevention

Real-time User Analytics

the customer

A government authority that works to prevent criminals and suspects from trespassing into highly governed and sensitive territories.

the business

The government authority manages a database of criminals and suspects who are prohibited from entering restricted areas, public gatherings etc. that are under staunch surveillance. The purpose is to prevent any fatal harms or security breaches caused by such people in restricted territories.

the Challenge

The government officers had to link all the accepted identity proofs of the captive criminals or suspects to the barred criminals record. This database is used to verify the identity of all individuals entering a particular governed premise.

  • Linking multiple identity proofs owned by each suspect to the barred criminals record was a challenge.
  • Verification of the person’s ID card at the time of seeking entry was not completely effective, since the person could easily tamper the documents submitted.
  • Adding each prohibited individual’s details to the record and mapping their identification documents to the database was tedious.

The requirement

The customer wanted to implement a uniform system to effectively keep track of the identities of the barred criminals and suspects, so that the authorities could detect and prevent them from entering restricted territories.

The Solution

  • We developed and integrated a face recognition solution to the customer’s application.
  • Using face recognition technology, the system captures the facial features (face and eyes) of the barred criminals and suspects, and records their identities in the government’s database.
  • The entrance managers can verify the prohibited individuals by connecting to this database.
  • The new system is more secure, and rules out the usage of physical ID proofs that are prone to tampering.

The Benefits

  • Face recognition technology is least intrusive and is faster in surveilling people. This reduces the time needed for updating the barred criminals record.
  • Application can be easily customized and integrated into existing surveillance systems and operational processes.
  • By integrating face recognition technology with their video surveillance system, the customer is able to check individuals against photographic watch lists, and generate alerts, as required.
  • No room for any identity stealing, as face recognition directly captures and stores the face and eyes of people.
  • Ideal to detect any undesirables and receive real-time alerts to act, if required.
  • Through quick and precise identification of people using their facial features, the solution effectively supports authorities to behold and frisk any suspicious individual.
  • Easy to identify the whereabouts of a person as their details are prerecorded.

Results at a Glance

  • 50%reduction in the risk of security threats
  • 100%faster and accurate matching capability

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