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The Business

The customer supports end-to-end administration and management of the retail supply chain which includes product manufacturers and their executives, distributors and their executives, field sales representatives, and the customers who place orders. They were using a web-based portal to handle field sales and field services.

the Challenge

  • The customer was using a legacy application which was limited in scope and offered less mobility to the field sales staff.
  • Unnecessary delays in the order fulfilment process.
  • Delay in invoice processing and payment receipts.
  • Field sales representatives had to depend on paper forms and documentations, which affected back-end administration activities.
  • Inability to methodically track the performance of the field staff.
  • Difficult to manage discount schemes by various distributors.
  • No customized module for getting insightful sales performance reports.
  • Assets tracking and management were not performed online.

the requirement

The customer required a mobile application to manage the field sales activities that reduces the back-office work of the executives. The mobile application should support the following functions:

  • Allow the field staff to easily maintain and manage their schedules
  • Asset management in the retail supply chain
  • Order and invoice management
  • Feature to conduct surveys and generate reports
  • Support offline data synchronization


We developed a mobile application that supports mobile invoicing, sales orders, estimates, inventory, pricing, sales reps tracking, and more:

  • Provision to verify assets, and record and track asset movement.
  • Field staff can stay logged into the application and update the details, even when offline. Once the network connectivity is restored, the data syncs with the system.
  • Provision to send notifications and alerts on the condition of assets, orders received and invoices issued.
  • A back-order module to perform stock verification, prior to placing an order.
  • Flexible discount management feature that handles discount requests and approval workflow.
  • Application provides separate menu views for the managers and the field staff. Field staff can enter comments from their current location. Managers can view and respond to the comments, as required.
  • Order management involves separate workflows for manufacturers and distributors.
  • Additionally, the order management module comprises the following features:
    • Customer profile and order history
    • Recommendations based on order history
    • Template to define frequent orders
    • Set preferences for discount products
    • Shows products on offer
    • Configure alerts
    • Send notifications on order fulfilment
  • Invoice verification and management
  • GPS tracking enabled to locate stores, track assets and identify field executive’s location.
  • Reports can be generated based on sales performance as well as surveys held.


  • Seamless integration of order details with the system.
  • Highly tailored application to support the retail supply chain management.
  • Simplified the Manufacturer-Executive Workflow and the Distributor-Executive Workflow.
  • Surveys provide factual details to enhance the organizational efficiency.
  • Considerable reduction in the operational expenditure.

Results at a Glance

  • 100% visibility of field sales activities and profitability metrics
  • 3x improvement in sales cycle efficiency
  • 75% increase in the productivity of field sales reps

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