Mobile Application to Monitor Healthcare Plan Progress



A leading healthcare plan provider based in the UK. The customer develops a wide range of services to support various healthcare missions sponsored by NHS, UK.

THE business

The customer provides software products that assists healthcare organizations to maintain healthcare plans for patients suffering from chronic diseases. A plan essentially is a collection of activities (like physical exercise, medicine, dietary restrictions and life style changes) which the patients must adhere to. These plans will help the patient to achieve and maintain a stable health condition.

Business Challenges

  • The primary challenge was to monitor the progress of the plans adopted by the patients. In most cases, the patient will start with a plan and give up in the middle. It is important to motivate them to continue through the plan.
  • The system used by the GPs (doctors) to record the details of their patients was not integrated with the healthcare plan provider’s systems. Doctors never get updated reports on the progress made by a patient while following a healthcare plan.
  • GPs had to monitor the health conditions of thousands of patients. Moreover, the data need to be shared with the respective patients and their attendees with utmost security.
  • Most of the patients who follow the healthcare plans are elderly, and the GPs find it difficult to track their progress. In some cases, homecare workers visit the homes of the patients to help them with plan follow-up and medication. The homecare workers require access to the patient’s healthcare plans during home visits. This will help them record the progress made by the patients.
  • Another challenge was to notify the changes in the health parameters of patients with their physicians and friends/relatives.
  • Healthcare plan providers should be able to assess the effectiveness of their plans. They should know the number of patients following a plan and the positive changes occurring in various health parameters like Cholesterol level, Blood Pressure range, Oxygen intake etc.

the requirement

  • A mobile application to support the patients and the homecare workers who pay home visits.
  • A mobile application for the friends and relatives of the patients (authorized by the patients).
  • A web based system to support the GPs so that they can see patient dashboards.
  • A healthcare plan store that allows the user to select and define their own plans and to view the progress made by the patients who follow their plans.


  • Mobile app for patients and healthcare workers visiting homes: A mobile app for patients to download healthcare plans, to mark completion of plan steps, to record healthcare parameters like blood pressure, cholesterol, oxygen intake etc. It will gather data from multiple sources- systems used by the GPs, wearable gadgets worn by patients, data entered directly by patients through the mobile app etc. For patients who need help to enter their health data, the homecare workers will assist with data entry. Patients can earn points as they complete the selected plan systematically. They can redeem these points for purchasing healthcare products / services. Patients can share their progress and healthcare parameter information with the contacts of their choice.
  • Mobile app for friends and family members authorized by patients: This mobile app is used by contacts authorized by the patient, like immediate family friends or relatives. Using this app, friends and relatives can see the progress of the patient in following a plan and monitor changes in their healthcare parameters.
  • A web based application for GPs: This will help physicians to see both consolidated and individual patient dashboards.
  • The Plan Store: This store allows the plan providers (mostly health sector companies) to define their own customized healthcare plans for various diseases. A plan essentially is a collection of activities (like physical exercise, medicine, dietary restrictions and life style changes) which the patients must adhere to. Through this feature, patients can access a variety of self-management plans for a range of health and wellness needs.
  • A Rewards System: A facility to define rewards for patients who follow the healthcare plans diligently. Patients who follow their plans systematically can gain points upon completing the plan successfully. These points can be redeemed for getting rewards like purchasing another healthcare plan or a free consultation.


  • The healthcare plan provider is able to monitor the effectiveness of their plans and medicines.
  • Based on the changes, they can recommend better plans.
  • Physicians could monitor patient conditions remotely and suggest appropriate medicines.
  • The rewards system motivates the patients to effectively use the plan and stay healthy.
  • The homecare workers making home visits find the application very useful. It helps them to track progress made by the patient and motivate them to do further tasks.
  • Data is highly secured and kept confidential.
  • Doctors can view consolidated reports on each individual without any time delays.


  • 100%consolidated as well as individual patient reports accessible to doctors
  • 85%healthcare plan followers currently use the mobile application
  • 3ximprovement in tracking the effectiveness of healthcare plans
  • 40%increase in plan followers with the Rewards system

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