IoT Based Asset Tracking System


THE customer

A leading Vehicle Tracking services provider for businesses across the globe.

the business

The customer provides asset tracking services for businesses with highly distributed and valuable movable assets. They also offer fleet management services for industries like construction, plants, waste management, and commercial vehicles.

the Challenge

  • The existing system used by the customer could only track a few thousand assets and was able to generate only a few standard set of reports.
  • As the number of assets tracked grew exponentially, the system started to break at the seams.
  • The Tracking devices were from different manufacturers following different protocols. There was no proper integration among the devices to send instant alerts.
  • There are thousands of tracking devices spread across multiple geographies, that are moving. The configuration and troubleshooting of these devices incurred heavy costs, which was a logistics challenge.
  • The existing system did not provide sophisticated Analytics, Business Intelligence and Insights from the data.

The requirement

  • The customer wanted to re-engineer the application. The system should have the facility to configure, commission and trouble-shoot a wide range of devices of different makes.
  • The system should be able to provide Analytics, Business Intelligence and Insights for diverse industries.
  • With thousands of tracking devices connected and each device sending thousands of messages per day, it was important to build a highly scalable message processing server.
  • The message processing server needs to be robust enough to handle offline devices, manage situations like server going offline or connectivity being lost.
  • A device commissioning or configuring the maintenance console needed to be built which gave a consistent interface for all the tracking devices.

The Solution

We implemented the following solutions:

  • Built a highly scalable and robust message processing server.
  • Developed a console that can commission, configure, and trouble-shoot a wide range of devices from a large number of manufacturers.
  • An analytics engine that could deliver Analytics, Business Intelligence and Insights for a diverse range of industries and use cases.
  • Implemented geo-fencing to create a virtual geography. This enables the software to trigger a response when a particular asset enters or leaves a particular area. It ensures that an equipment is used only in the permitted area and alerts on any unauthorized usage outside of that area.
  • Developed a driver behavior analysis module that tracks and reports on reckless driving, harsh braking, and other actions that lead to fleet risks.
  • Detailed dashboards, not just on the location of moving assets, but also on the condition of goods are reported. These include vehicle wear and tear, excessive fuel or CO2 consumption and other similar circumstances.
  • Combined the Reporting feature with a custom report builder that offers more flexibility at work. Customers can focus on their own unique business KPIs with improved efficiency.

The Benefits

  • The customer now has a stable and a scalable system that lets them focus on business development initiatives and enhancing customer service.
  • Considerable cost savings since the customer could configure, commission and maintain the devices remotely.
  • The rich and powerful Analytics and Business Intelligence functionality delivers better value for their customers and enables them to acquire new customers with ease.

Results at a Glance

  • 50 +predefined reports generated in minimal time
  • 100%scalable solution that tracks new devices as they are added
  • 2ximprovement in cost recoveries

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