IoT Based Health Monitoring System


the customer

A leading provider of healthcare software products based in the UK. The customer develops a wide range of software solutions to support various healthcare missions sponsored by NHS, UK.

The Business

The customer provides software products that assist healthcare organizations to maintain healthcare plans for patients suffering from chronic diseases. A plan essentially is a collection of activities (like physical exercise, medicine, dietary restrictions and life style changes) which the patients must adhere to. These plans will help the patient to achieve and maintain a stable health condition.


  • The primary challenge was to monitor the progress of the plans adopted by the patients. In most cases, the patient will start with a plan and give up in the middle. It is important to motivate them to continue through the plan.
  • The hospitals and healthcare institutions providing support to the elderly at their homes require a large workforce for making home visits. This increased their costs considerably.
  • The system used by the doctors to record the details of their patients was not integrated with the healthcare plan provider’s systems. Doctors failed to get updated reports on the progress made by a patient while following a healthcare plan.
  • Sometimes, health parameter variations recorded on a wearable device used by the patient are not updated in the system.

The Requirement

  • The customer wanted to build an application for hospitals and healthcare institutions providing home care for the elderly patients, which will in turn help these organizations to reduce their operational costs.
  • The application should be able to capture the health parameters of patients recorded using wearable devices, or by the healthcare mobile application used by the patients.

The Solution

  • We integrated numerous IoT medical diagnostics devices available in the market that help in monitoring blood pressure, glucose level, pulse rate, weight and other health parameters.
  • We also configured mobile devices (like Chumby) in order to handle various use cases of the elderly patients.
  • We developed an application that integrates all these devices (mobile application and wearables) and provides a dashboard that displays the medical statistics for the elderly.

The Benefits

  • The application helps the hospitals and home care providers to reduce the number of home visits. This in turn reduces their operational costs.
  • Health parameters recorded by any devices are now updated instantly in the application used by doctors. Similarly, the attendees of the patients are also updated on time.
  • Physicians could monitor patient conditions remotely and suggest appropriate medicines.
  • Data is highly secured and kept confidential.
  • Doctors can view consolidated reports on each individual without any time delays.

Results at a Glance

  • 60%Cost savings due to reduction in home visits
  • 3xImprovement in tracking the effectiveness of healthcare plans
  • 100%Consolidated as well as individual patient reports accessible to doctors

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