Application for Legal Invoice Processing Services



The customer provides legal billing and invoice processing services for law firms.

The Business

The customer offers services that enable law firms to improve their profitability. They help the law firms to prepare invoices that meet their clients’ SLAs as well as billing and litigation management guidelines. The services are easy for the law firms to understand and use, with minimum internal resource utilization.

the Challenge

  • Different input formats followed by multiple e-billers. It was a challenge for the law firms to generate the invoices in their clients’ required formats.
  • Lack of an automated process to validate the invoice particulars. This resulted in frequent invoice rejections.
  • Increase in the volume of invoices made the manual processing more tedious and time consuming.
  • Difficult to track payment details, early payment discounts, invoice compliance with the clients’ standards etc.
  • Various time and billing software followed by each e-biller increased the complication of invoice processing.
  • Each time and billing system had its own SLAs, regulatory and compliance guidelines, budget considerations, and other criteria that should be met by the invoices.
  • Challenges to apply the learnings towards the future invoices raised by the same e-biller system.

the requirement

  • Develop a seamless platform that supports multiple invoice formats as input.
  • Standardize the invoices submitted by various law firms and deliver the invoices to the clients in their preferred format.
  • Automate the invoice review process, along with a provision for manual verification at certain stages, as required.
  • Streamline the invoice approval workflow that involves the law firms.
  • Application must be scalable enough to handle the increasing volume of invoices.


We developed a web application that supports the following functions:

  • Support for multiple invoice formats handled by legacy payer systems.
  • Workflow to process the invoices automatically and identify the non-compliant invoices.
  • Streamlined SLA and compliance management.
  • Manual review tool and workflow to process the invoices on behalf of law firms.
  • Internal workflow to manage distribution of invoices for work.
  • Integration to multiple Time and Billing and Payer systems.
  • Reports ranging from detailed reports to turn around time and ROI for the law firms.


  • Faster and improved payments from the payers.
  • Improved the visibility of law firms in grabbing early payment discounts.
  • Better control over invoice processing due to automated workflows and integrations.
  • Integration with multiple e-biller systems to capture and track payment details at one place.
  • Generate highly-compliant invoices at a faster pace.
  • Law firms are relieved from the unnecessary overheads of invoice preparation.
  • Streamlined workflows for handling appeals, document management, SLA management, and budget tracking.

Results at a Glance

  • 100% accurate tracking of accounts receivable
  • 75% rise in invoice compliance adherence
  • 3x real and immediate Return on Investment (ROI)

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