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About the customer

A leading professional association created to fulfil the needs of professionals in the Insurance industry.

the business

The customer supports the professional needs of experts in the Insurance domain. They offer membership to these professionals and conduct networking events, conferences, webinars, education programs, trainings, and other organizational activities for the benefit of these members.

the Challenge

  • The customer was using a legacy application with limited functionalities
  • The web application was not scalable and user-friendly, since it was built with old technologies.
  • Most of the functions were not automated. Frequent technical support was required.
  • Effective security measures were not implemented.
  • Performance of the system deteriorated as the number of members increased.
  • Significant maintenance effort was required to run the system which incurred heavy costs.

The requirement

Developing a new system was critical for the client as the membership strength of the organization was increasing rapidly.

Following were the requirements:

  • Develop a new web application with scalable technologies
  • Need to improve speed and usability
  • Need to port all existing data and automate all processes
  • Integration with the following:
    • Online payment gateways
    • Emailing system
    • Educational programs and certifications
  • The system should be extensively scalable and device-responsive
  • Mobile applications for managing event attendees easily and facilitate better interaction

The Solution

We implemented the following solutions:

  • Developed a full-fledged web application with the required functionalities
  • Essential optimizations were done to increase the speed of the application
  • Automated all processes and implemented usability standards
  • Integrated with secure online payment gateways
  • Application is highly secure. Only people with proper authorization can access the system outside the network.
  • The application is highly mobile responsive.
  • Application server is load balanced to work efficiently during peak loads.
  • Developed an events mobile application for the benefit of event attendees as well as delegates to events hosted by the organization.

The Benefits

  • 100% automated and highly scalable web application
  • Users can access the system on any device / platform
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Safe storage of member data
  • Highly secured application
  • Seamless system to handle membership, events and sponsors

Results at a Glance

  • 40,000+ members managed by the system currently
  • 65% cost savings by streamlining of each module
  • 3ximprovement in organizational visibility and transparency

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