Automation of text data mining with NLP

Speech & Text Processing

the customer

A marketing and advertising firm that helps users to identify, map, and engage with the most important influencers or experts in their respective fields of work.

the business

The customer offers advanced insights generation and management solutions for various companies that gather bulk volumes of unstructured data from specialists, online resources, conferences and events, in-house research teams etc. that need to be extracted and processed. The customer employs their systems, services and innovations to help these companies maximize the value of field insights.

the Challenge

  • The customer used manual analytical processes, which increased the time and effort for insights generation.
  • The customer had to manage a large team of analysts to analyze data and create customized reports. This increased their resource management cost.
  • Manual processes became more tedious with the growth of data, and this affected the quality of analysis and reports derived.
  • Faster keyword identification was a challenge in manual process.

The requirement

The customer wanted to automate in-depth text data analysis and insights generation process, so that they can share it with their end users rapidly.

The Solution

We integrated Natural Language Processing technology into the customer’s insights management platform. The integration facilitates efficient insights management by enabling deep text research through automation of text mining.

  • Natural Language Processing technology enables automation of data mining and deep text analysis.
  • NLP technology parses any text data to quickly identify the following components:
    • Keywords relevance and occurrence in the given text
    • Recognition of named entities
    • Parts of Speech tagging
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Relation extraction
    • Categories & Concepts
    • Dependency parsing
  • Advanced reports generation module to create highly customized reports and dashboards.
  • The customer’s insights management platform can be integrated with the CRM systems of the user, that allows easy insight submission.

The Benefits

  • Effectively summarizes lengthy blocks of narrative text by identifying keywords, concepts or phrases from the source material.
  • Insights generated through NLP supports better strategic and tactical decision making
  • Automation reduced the manual effort involved in text analysis and reports generation
  • Ability to extract actionable information from large volumes of unstructured text data
  • Faster, reliable and efficient insights capturing and reports generation
  • Transformation via NLP significantly improved quality and productivity of the customer.

Results at a Glance

  • 50%improved expert identification through deep text analysis
  • 100%intuitive & streamlined reports delivered to users
  • 2xmore capabilities for easy extraction and presentation of data

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