Micropayment Solution for Membership Organizations

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The customer provides an online micropayment software solution along with a provision to manage memberships for clubs and organizations.

The Business

The customer helps organization and club admins to easily handle micropayments which include membership fee, subscriptions and renewals, contributions, fundraising, event registrations, and other community management activities. The customer works with industry leaders for the safe and secure processing of payments. Additionally, their system is capable of handling a wide range of services including membership management, events, coaching and classes, and donations.

the Challenge

The key challenge with micropayment is that it comprises transactions involving a very small sum of money. Processing such kind of payments require a separate system with an established standard. With their existing software, the customer faced the following issues:

  • The solution used by the customer was not scalable and was unable to respond to the rapid increase in the transaction traffic.
  • The club/ organization admins who used the system faced the following issues:
    • Delay in receiving payment
    • Failure to track details of fee/ contributions remitted by the members
    • Missing out on payment receipts frequently
    • No option to save callback and process payments on time
  • Interoperability of currencies like digital cheques and tokens across several micropayment systems. Limiting the interoperability of one system with another restricts the practice of micropayment.
  • Along with the payment module, the admins handle a wide range of activities such as member registration, event registration and scheduling, organizing classes, community activities etc. The nature of these activities differ from organization to organization. Processes were not customized to meet the requirements of each member.
  • The increase in the number of members joining the system affected the performance of the system, which in turn impacted the daily admin operations.

the requirement

  • Provide a hassle-free option to collect and process micropayments, handle member registrations and event registrations.
  • Automatically send payment reminders to members.
  • Micropayment solution should handle direct debit, payments through digital wallets, debit/ credit cards, pay remittance in terms or installments etc.
  • Build a membership management module with enhanced features to help the admins.
  • Custom field options that allow admins to quickly self-create highly flexible and dynamic questions forms.
  • Feature to manage and track all admin communications with members regarding payments, events, and other membership details.


We developed an online micropayment solution for the users to seamlessly track and process financial transactions of lower sums. We also built a membership management module with the following features to handle a wide range of admin functionalities.

  • Helps to collect and process payments on time, send receipts, and track the details. Rules are set for flexible payment schemes, that motivates the members to renew their subscriptions.
  • Enables admins to handle new member registration and on-boarding, subscriptions and renewals (both one-time payment and installment pays), promotion and rewards management.
  • Helps to track all email communications, ability to send bulk emails, and handle promotional emails.
  • Handles event scheduling, ticketing, registration of both members and non-members, ticket holding, payment information, venue, and attendance management.


  • Flexible payment plans for members that motivates them to make payments on time.
  • Easy to fulfil multiple transactions in a defined period of time.
  • Offers more speed and flexibility to members on payments.
  • Easy to save callbacks on the spot and schedule payment processing on time.
  • Ability to compile and view reports on payment tracking and processing.
  • Removes the need for middlemen in collecting and processing membership fee.
  • Single portal to manage multiple admin functionalities.
  • Highly customizable membership management module to suit the requirements of each member organization or club.
  • Besides membership management and micropayment feature, this flexible solution can be applied to a vast range of community management activities.

Results at a Glance

  • 1000+ clubs supported currently
  • 75% improvement in payment recoveries
  • 40% reduction in operational costs

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