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A well-established staffing and workforce management company that provides permanent and contingency staffing solutions to organizations.

The Business

The customer offers a comprehensive human resource management process including recruitment and workforce management and contract management by partnering directly with their clients (employers) and candidates. They offer a personalized job placement experience for both job seekers as well as employers.

the Challenge

The customer itself is a group of several companies, each specializing in specific industries such as travel, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, or categories like accounting, executive management, or skilled labor.

  • The requirements of each category or industry will be different from the other.
  • Each company had its own rudimentary database management system.
  • The application that they were using was not seamlessly integrated with their accounting system.
  • Matching the right candidates to the right jobs or vice versa was done manually.
  • Dependency on several discrete systems to complete a recruitment process.
  • The above challenges affected payroll processing and timesheet submissions.
  • Minimal visibility across the organization.
  • The search feature was not optimized. The system ended up showing inaccurate search results for both candidates as well as the hiring personnel.
  • Many opportunities were lost to candidates and talent acquirers due to all these roadblocks.

the requirement

The recruitment services provider wanted to develop a flexible, integrated cloud-based application that caters to the needs of each company, category, organizational hierarchy, brand or region within their holding.

The application should be capable of handling the following operations:

  • Customer management
  • Candidate management
  • Workflow for placing candidates
  • Employee timesheets management
  • Manage the organization structure of the respective recruiting company
  • Manage users and their privileges dynamically
  • Seamlessly integrate with the accounting system of the company at various functional points to ensure hassle-free execution of financial functions.


The cloud-based application that we developed has accelerated the digital journey of the customer. The system supports the following functions:

  • Handle all staffing requirements for the employers
  • Facilitate employment contract management
  • Provision for complete SLA management which includes commission rates, employee payments, and other terms and conditions.
  • Manage job seeker profiles and candidate placement processes
  • Easily configurable and customizable candidate placement workflow
  • Employee Timesheet management
  • Wide range of management and configuration features for admins such as the following:
    • Company structure
    • Users
    • User hierarchy, user groups and privileges
    • Placement workflow
    • Calendars
    • KPIs and dashboards
    • Settings for reminders, client statuses etc.
    • Various templates like job, email, references etc.


  • Full-fledged recruitment and contractor management system
  • Easy drag and drop graphical interface to quickly configure workflow steps
  • Workflow can be customized to suit each company’s recruitment needs
  • Easy to delegate tasks to another resource in the absence of an executive. This avoids over dependency on any staff.
  • Periodically review the performance with the help of insightful reports and dashboards. These reports can be used by the management to track the company’s health records and determine KPIs for employees.
  • Highly self-intuitive system, that automatically directs user to the next action at the completion of each step (functions like a user-friendly wizard).

Results at a Glance

  • 100% personalized job placement experience
  • 85% accuracy improvement in performance tracking
  • 5x improvement in SLA management


We deliver innovative digital solutions to simplify resource management for HRs and recruitment managers. By integrating our Natural Language Processing solutions to enterprise applications, businesses can obtain advanced insights useful for improving their services.

For the past 15 years, we have been empowering enterprises to transform radically through our software applications that integrate across multiple platforms. The cyber security practice that we follow is designed to protect the privacy and security of the applications that we build. Contact us to know more about how your business can benefit from us.

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