Enhancing the Healthcare Industry with Robotic Process Automation



The customer develops a wide range of software solutions to support the healthcare industry in the UK.

The Business

The customer designs and develops software platforms that enable the healthcare organizations to improve their services for aged patients. These platforms allow the caregivers to utilize the patients’ health data from multiple external systems to enhance their services.

the Challenge

  • The primary challenge was to gather and track the data from multiple systems.
  • Delay in receiving the patients’ health data affected the services of the caregivers.
  • The patients, the homecare visitors, the doctors, and the hospitals use different platforms to record the health information. It was difficult to integrate these discrete systems.
  • Lack of integration among the systems increased manual dependency.
  • This manual data entry process became cumbersome as the volume of data increased.
  • There were multiple types of reports, each following a separate format.

the requirement

  • Extract patient health data from various external systems that do not facilitate integration.
  • Ensure on-time availability of health information to enhance the healthcare services.
  • The data extracted must be in sync with the applications used by the patients, the homecare visitors and the hospitals.
  • Provision to perform manual verification of data.


  • Developed a solution using the UiPath RPA software that reads the email content and attachments to filter the health data.
  • The RPA software is configured to automatically log into the external systems and check for patient details.
  • Values are derived from the health reports based on a set of previously stored rules in the system.
  • The data identified from the email attachments is stored into the customer’s database.
  • Option to manually verify the data prior to using the information for further action.


  • Health reports are processed on time irrespective of the increasing volume of data.
  • Reduction in the number of manual errors occurring while processing bulk data.
  • Easy to make time-bound changes in the healthcare services, depending on the patient types and health conditions.
  • No conflict with patient data security and confidentiality.
  • Immediate visibility for patients who need better care and treatment.
  • Easy to prepare and share insightful health reports and dashboards.
  • Direct, value-based patient care at lower costs and increased efficiency.

Results at a Glance

  • 100% streamlined front-office support
  • 47% overall cost savings with RPA
  • 80% improvement in effective health data utilization

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