Automating Port Declaration for Merchandise Vessels


the customer

An international logistics and transportation company that offers sea freight forwarding services.

the business

The logistics company facilitates the transportation of sea freight. The company supports the vessel carriers to prepare and submit an entry summary declaration of the goods loaded aboard a vessel for delivery. This declaration summary is prepared and submitted to the customs authorities of the destination port in advance, so as to facilitate a smooth entry for the vessel.

the Challenge

  • Manual submission of entry summary declaration delayed the unloading of cargo and delivery of goods to the required destinations.
  • Manual process followed a long approval cycle that delayed the international commerce, and increased the carrier and shipping costs, and overall supply chain and operating costs.
  • Commodities with lesser shelf-life or perishable goods were not delivered to the consignees on time. This affected the reputation of the shippers as well as the carriers.
  • The rules and regulations followed by the customs department of each seaport are different, and this resulted in operational delays for granting permission to unload the cargo. With an integrated document submission system, the process could have been streamlined and simplified.
  • It was difficult for the vessel carriers to check whether the goods loaded are compliant to the customs regulations of the destined port. This affected the operations of the vessel, and the timely and reliable delivery of the cargo of other shippers on the vessel as well.

The requirement

  • The requirement was to automate the submission of entry summary declaration so that it gets verified and processed in advance.
  • The solution must also calculate the declaration submission fee and provide options for carriers to make prepayments.

The Solution

We implemented the following solutions:

  • An integrated system for the vessel carriers (freight forwarders) to submit the entry declaration summary in the prescribed format, customized according to the selection of the destination port/ country.
  • The carrier can track the status of the submitted declaration in real-time. They can identify whether the declaration is accepted, rejected or requested for modification, even before commencing the sail.
  • The customs authorities can determine the entry fee for the merchandise vessel based on the declaration submitted, even before the vessel arrives at the port. The carrier has the option to complete prepayments and get the receipts for the same.
  • The carrier can also submit the prescribed fee at the time of port entry.
  • The vessel is screened based on the information submitted in the declaration, and any security challenges are averted immediately.
  • Automated declaration submission allows smooth entry to the inbound vessel and unloading of goods becomes easy due to standardized lading and security procedure.

The Benefits

  • Advanced solution for customer to manifest vessel cargo information to customs authorities
  • Analysis of manifest information prior to lading, leads to prompt processing of containers
  • Hassle-free entry of inbound vessels and issuance of permit to unlade goods
  • Customs can easily identify any vulnerabilities and alert the carrier immediately
  • Streamlined declaration submission process increases the reliability of the carriers
  • Reduces the international shipper and carrier cost, leading to more business

Results at a Glance

  • 100%secure, faster, efficient and transparent document submission
  • 3xfaster response from the customs on the status of the declaration
  • 75%increase in highly-compliant shipments and invoices

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