Hotel Rooms, Car Rental & Rail Booking Integration

Travel & Leisure

About the customer

Multiple online travel agents in the industry

the business

The online travel agents purchase the services from the distributors in the travel industry. These services may include hotel rooms, car rentals, rail or flight ticket bookings. The travel agents offer these services to the end customers (travelers) through their websites or online portals.

the Challenge

  • The primary challenge was to integrate the travel agent’s application with the distributor’s systems.
  • The business policies of the travel agents might differ from that of the distributors. Sometimes, the travel agent will have to align their business model or policies to meet the distributor criteria, without impacting their regular functioning.
  • Integration of multiple services require communication with several heterogeneous systems, that are extremely different in nature. This increases complexity.

The requirement

The travel agent’s web application should display the services offered by multiple distributors. Each distributor deals with a set of services. For example, one distributor might deal with only hotel bookings, while another deals with car rental service. The requirement was to integrate the services from various distributors to the travel agent’s system.

The Solution

Following services were integrated to the travel agent’s application:

  • By integrating this feature, the travel agent can share the hotel rooms availability and the latest booking rates to the end users. The end users can use the information to make hotel reservations.
  • By integrating this service, the travel agents can facilitate online car rental bookings. Users can check the images of the car, suggest the passenger numbers, see which type of vehicles are available during their trip, and confirm their reservations.
  • Integrating rail booking allows the travel agent to share the availability of train berths or seats in real-time. The travelers could make their bookings, and get up-to-date status on their reservations.

We integrated the above services to the travel agent’s application seamlessly, in accordance with the distributor preferences. The distributors have their own rules on how their service should be marketed. These specifications are accommodated into the integrations. The end traveler should get updated rates from hotel rooms, car rental, excursions or rail bookings.

The Benefits

  • A common interface with greater standardization increased overall business productivity
  • Travel agents can aggregate all of the resources in to a single hub, and present it to their users in a unique way
  • Improved sales and profitability for travel agents
  • Better search feature integration for users to search hotel beds, car booking, or rail reservation
  • Advanced visibility on the number of bookings, availability etc.
  • Reduced the time required to make detailed travel management reports
  • Offers a superior level of analysis for the travel agent
  • Real-time connectivity to a wide range of suppliers

Results at a Glance

  • 50%improved & insightful travel management reports
  • 100% effective management system for both travel agents & distributors
  • 2x reduction in staffing and overhead costs

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