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About the customer

Multiple online travel agents in the industry

the business

The travel agents or the DMCs receive the latest hotel room booking rates from the suppliers (hotels). This information is used by the travel agents to facilitate booking for the end users (travelers).

the Challenge

  • The primary challenge for the travel agents was to receive the latest booking rates from the suppliers. The suppliers change their reservation rates frequently.
  • The travel agents lacked the technical expertise to extract the updated hotel booking rates from the channel managers, and bring to it a single interface.
  • Since the travel agents failed to get updated booking rates on time, there occurred a lot of rate parity issues.
  • The travel agents could not share the most recent booking rates on their website or other online sources.

The requirement

Each supplier pushes the varying hotel reservation rates to a channel manager. The travel agent should have an integrated channel manager solution, that captures the latest booking rates from all Suppliers, and bring it into their system, in real-time.

The Solution

  • We created a set of APIs for each channel manager that has to be integrated with the travel agent’s system. The channel manager will call one of these APIs, in order to the push the latest reservation rates into the travel agent’s system.
  • As soon as the supplier updates the rate in their channel manager, it will be reflected instantly on the travel agent’s portal.
  • Those travel agents who subscribe to the required channel managers will get instant notifications on the fluctuating reservation rates.
  • The travel agents can display the booking rates on their portals or online platforms in real-time, allowing end users to make their choice easily.
  • The channel manager relatively follows the OTA (Open Travel Alliance) standards. We created web services conforming to the OTA standards, to meet the business requirements.
  • The web services undergo a tedious OTA certification procedure, to ensure that the data exchanged is correct and reliable.
  • We have highly customized the channel managers to fulfil the role effectively.

The Benefits

  • Solved overbooking and rate parity issues
  • Reduced the effort of travel agents in capturing the rate variations from multiple suppliers
  • Improvement in the performance and efficiency of travel agents
  • Tremendous savings on cost and time
  • As soon as the supplier updates the availability, it gets updated automatically in all the connected channels
  • Offers stable and secure information sharing and provides effective support

Results at a Glance

  • 20-40%increase in booking through travel agents
  • 100% tracking of reservations from different channels
  • 80%reduction in reservation detail errors

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