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A leading Destination Management Company (DMC) that delivers a wide range of leisure and Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition (MICE) solutions for their customers.


The DMC provides complete travel package for family and group tours as well as the MICE industry. Travel agents across the globe can avail their services by requesting for competitive quotes on various holiday and tour packages, event hosting, and management packages.


The client was using a legacy software product with limited functionality. Most of the business functions were not automated. The DMC was unable to provide outstanding customer experience, as their application was not integrated with the essential third-party service providers. Following challenges hindered their day-to-day operations:

  • Lack of integration between various modules like Finance, Contracts, Logistics, and Sales.
  • Absence of several critical modules that are vital to run daily business operations.
  • Inefficient methods to handle B2B and B2C communication.
  • Lack of coordination with travel agents, parties, hotels, and suppliers.
  • Involvement of several complicated business rules and conditions.
  • In the absence of advanced reports, the client had no idea, at which point they are losing their customers, revenue and profits.
  • The maintenance cost of the application was high.
  • Most of the business functions were managed through Excel spreadsheets and emails.


The client wanted a scalable enterprise software solution, built using latest technologies, that is tailored to address their specific requirements. The application should support and scale with their future business operations, and should not compromise with the security challenges.

The requirements included the following:

  • Develop an ERP system for the DMC staff to handle various modules like Contract, Sales, Operations, Logistics, Finance, Visa documents, and MICE.
  • The system should be able to record and manage the details of all types of contracts, and should be accessible at any point of time.
  • The system should define tourist packages, seasonal offers, along with variations in rates.
  • Enhanced Agent Login feature to help travel agents to request for quotes, add to cart and make a booking.


We developed a custom software application on Cloud, that supported the DMC to accomplish a seamless digital transformation.

  • The application is integrated with third-party systems such as Hotel Booking, Transfer Booking, Excursion Booking, and many other features.
  • There is an Itinerary Builder feature that allows users to easily self-create detailed travel itineraries.
  • The application has a Finance module that has simplified the process of invoicing and budgeting.
  • The Finance module also helps in generating a variety of custom reports as well as standard accounting statements.
  • Improved the convenience for travel agents to search for hotels, services and create purchase orders online (in minimal time).
  • The entire history of every order is maintained on their system, and can be accessed by the DMC staff at any required point of time.
  • The application offers full-fledged support for task delegation. This removes unwanted employee dependency.

In addition, the system offers the following features:

  • Contract management with vendors
  • Real time update of rate variations from the suppliers
  • Manage all Sales (Quotation) Preparation Requests
  • Operations module for preparing full-fledged travel itineraries and schedules
  • Logistics Department or the Transfer Module
  • Easy to handle all kinds of travel documents (such as passport, visa), entire payments and transactions for all bookings/ orders.
  • Manage all requests pertaining to Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Exhibition.
  • Enable user to self-define travel packages
  • Individual module to handle special travel offers
  • Option for users to communicate easily with the suppliers
  • B2B agent incentive management
  • Mobile application to support field staff and drivers
  • Integration with third-party service providers


  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Travel agents can quickly identify attractive travel packages and offers for their customers. This increases the customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced business agility to improve performance
  • Over dependency on any employee is removed with automatic task delegation.
  • Automation facilitates enhanced data management
  • Custom tuned reports that helps management to take appropriate decisions.
  • Number of automatic reminders make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.


  • Zero turn-around time to handle grievances
  • 100% streamlined channel for B2B communication
  • 55%reduction in maintenance costs

Advanced Digital Solutions for the Travel and Tourism Industry

We provide digital solutions to enhance the experiences of today’s savvier and connected travellers. Our product re-engineering solutions help in building highly capable systems for travel management that improves the businesses' ROI. The travel industry is extremely dynamic, with a vast presence of growing and unorganized data. Our capabilities in data mining and insights generation, predictive analytics, and other data integration services enable the travel and tour enterprises to take their business to the next level. With our development expertise in cross-platform mobile technologies, we support our clients to improve their brand visibility and customer engagement.

Established in 2003 as an offshore software development company, we have accomplished a project success rate of 99+%, with 140+ satisfied clients and 500+ successful projects. Contact us to know more about how your business can benefit from us.

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