Financial Services

We empower financial enterprises and emerging fintech firms to drive innovation, efficiency and compliance in the industry.Our solutions help customers seize every opportunity, manage risk and gain profitability.

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Fintech Center of Excellence

Our Fintech Center of Excellence combines innovative technologies with in-depth industry knowledge to develop applications that support enterprises across the financial sector. We are uniquely positioned to develop pioneering solutions for financial institutions to stay ahead of the digital curve. Our services cater to a wide range of industry offerings including insurance, finance and risk management, cards, integration with payment gateways, invoice verification and processing services, and more.

Our Solutions for Financial Services

  • Custom Fintech application development and support
  • Blockchain-powered smart financial contracts
  • IoT-enabled banking and financial services
  • Secure Cloud solutions to drive digital experience
  • RPA solutions to transform core business processes
  • Automation and AI to build smart financial systems
  • Invoice processing and verification systems
  • Wealth and asset management applications

Building Future-SmartFinancial Services Ecosystem

The financial services sector is in a state of flux today, due to the overwhelming pressure to switch from the traditional business models. We empower financial organizations to respond swiftly to the changing market dynamics in a cost-effective, compliant, customer-friendly and smart way. The recent times witness rigid macroeconomic conditions and stringent financial regulatory standards. Adopting our innovative fintech solutions will enable you to derive optimum value out of the digital disruption, that is sweeping the current economy.

Case Studies on Financial Services

Micropayment Solution

Our micropayment processing solution is now used by 1000+ clubs, and it supports club admins to easily handle membership fee, subscriptions and renewals, contributions, fundraising, event registration fee, and other community management activities. Learn more.

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Security Auditing & Vulnerability Assessment of Client’s Application & Hosting Server

Our streamlined cybersecurity auditing and vulnerability assessment solution improved the standard and performance of the customer’s application as well as hosting server components, leading to 50% cost savings and high ROI. Find out more from this case study.

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