We enable healthcare providers to work better and work differently with our technology and domain expertise. Our solutions not only re-engineers today’s business, but also reimagines it for tomorrow.

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Connected Health With Zerone Consulting

We empower healthcare organizations to establish new business models, reduce IT spend, optimize operations, and enable technology innovation. Our state-of-the-art software solutions serve the interests of everyone in the healthcare ecosystem- patients, physicians, hospitals, public health organizations, programs, and the population at large. For the past 15 years, we have collaborated with several global healthcare providers to deliver value-based care at affordable costs.

Healthcare Consulting And Solutions

  • Health intelligence and analytics solutions
  • Mobile and cloud-based health solutions
  • Healthcare automation
  • IoT-based remote patient monitoring systems
  • Revenue cycle management solutions
  • Care management and clinical effectiveness improvement

Improving Outcomes Through Value-Based Care

We aim to improve the quality of healthcare practice and make it more affordable and accessible to all segments of the public. Our solutions are designed to establish ‘Connected Care’ that fosters patient engagement at every touchpoint. By supporting insights driven health initiatives, we empower organizations to accomplish digital success. Through our all-inclusive health platforms, healthcare institutions can seize new market opportunities and enhance caregiving.

Case Studies on Healthcare

Application Development

Cloud Solutions Facilitated Seamless Document Exchange in Healthcare

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Data Analytics

Cognitive OCR Solution for Invoice Processing System

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application to Monitor Healthcare Plan Progress

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Internet of Things

IoT Based Health Monitoring System

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Software Testing

Manual Testing for a Document Transformation System

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Robotic Process Automation

Enhancing the healthcare industry with robotic process automation

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