Travel And Leisure

We enable travel and leisure businesses to reach new heights of performance and outpace competitors. Our solutions are designed to overcome tomorrow’s business challenges, today.

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Reimagining The Travel Ecosystem

Our Center of Excellence in Travel helps in building a future-smart, connected travel ecosystem. Today’s digital travellers research and plan their trips in a highly competitive online marketplace. We enable global travel service providers to acquire new customers and deliver a customer experience that boosts long-term loyalty.

Solutions For Travel, Hospitality And Leisure

  • Transforming core and legacy systems to help businesses stay competitive
  • Data analytics solutions to enhance customer experience
  • Secure enterprise web, cloud and mobile solutions
  • Seamless integrations to improve accessibility for connected travellers
  • Agile process facilitates quick IT response to changing environments
  • Omni-channel digital commerce to enrich brand experience

Streamlined And Holistic Travel Experiences

Over the past 15 years, we have been working with several global travel and leisure businesses. Our deep domain expertise has helped us establish long-term client partnerships. We understand the pain points of the travel segment and work towards delivering exceptional and differentiated services to our customers.


Evolution of Travel Industry

The evolution of travel industry into what we see today itself is an eventful journey. Check out this infographic to know the milestones that have transformed travel arena.

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Case Studies on Travel & Leisure

Application Development

Digital Transformation of Travel Aggregator Through Cloud-Based Application Development

100% streamlining of business operations in the Travel domain with our highly customized cloud-based solutions. Check out this Travel Aggregator case study to understand how we partnered in the digital transformation journey of a leading Destination Management Company.

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Application Development

Full-fledged B2C Application for an Inbound Tour Operator

A comprehensive B2C portal developed for an inland tour operator helped them achieve 50% increase in their operational efficiency. Our solution also simplified/ removed their redundant administrative tasks, empowering the tour operator to take their services to a large number of users.

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Application Development

Integrated Channel Manager Solution to Support Travel Agents

An exceptional solution for the travel agents to extract and offer the most recent booking rates and inventory availability to their end customers (travelers). We integrated channel managers to the travel agent’s application and customized it to help the agents fulfill their roles effectively.

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Application Development

Integrating Hotel Rooms, Car Rental & Rail Booking for Travel Agents

Integration of hotel rooms, car rentals, and rail booking services to the travel agent’s application based on the preferences/ conditions set by the distributor of each service. Our solution functioned as a 100% effective management system for both the travel agents and the distributors.

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