Media & Publishing

We enable media and publishing enterprises to create smarter customer interactions. Our domain-specific solutions support holistic transformation.

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Solving Complex Client Challenges

We support traditional media companies and publishers to embrace new business models and technological changes. As your reliable partner, we help you adopt sophisticated, yet flexible technologies, and build new delivery platforms to generate impactful customer experiences. Our agile software development solutions, testing services, analytics and other digital transformation services empower media and publishing companies to run their business effectively.

Solutions For Media And Publishing

  • Cross-media advertisement management
  • Digital assets management
  • Personalized content delivery solutions
  • Manage fragmented content distribution channels
  • Digital publishing applications to support branding
  • Mobile applications for enterprises and customers
  • Analytics solutions for digital publishing and media

Delivering Immersive User Experience

The media and publishing industry is in a constant quest for establishing a viable and self-sustaining business model. Innovative competitors, changing standards of global content consumption, fluctuating customer demands, and new user experiences require businesses to think out of the box. We explore the extent to which technological innovations can be embraced and integrated into your processes, products and services, and that makes the difference!

Case Studies on Media and Publishing

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Data Analytics Services

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Software Testing

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Software Testing

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