Facial Recognition
Technology (FRT)

Facial recognition technology

Advanced face recognition for powerful end user analytics and insights

Face Recognition and Analytics Solutions is a fully integrated user analytics product that is built on Face Recognition search technology. Zerone’s facial recognition systems can collect and analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured data in real-time by recognizing digital face images and capturing emotions from them. With face recognition, you can build a detailed user persona, categorized based on demographics, user movements, behavior patterns and preferences.

Our FRT solutions help you to find out:

  • Age group of people visiting a specific spot at a particular time
  • Any recurring visits made by the same person
  • Spots most visited by a person or a group(s) of persons
  • Individual visit patterns on each spot
  • Group visit patterns on each spot
  • Behavior analysis based on visitor demographics
Use Cases
  • Retail

    Derive demographic facts about customers, fix product placements for better targeting with Zerone’s FRT solutions. Once the system recognizes a customer, you can analyze user behavior by monitoring their in-store movement. With facial recognition in the retail sector, deliver personalized, contextual experiences across customers’ physical and digital channels.

  • Security and Surveillance

    Enterprises can build advanced security and attendance management systems using face recognition and analytics to streamline their physical access systems. Law enforcement agencies use facial recognition techniques to scan CCTV footage, to identify and monitor people at sporting events, festivals, grand exhibitions or expos.

  • Events

    Track visitors as soon as they enter the premises of the event venue with efficient facial recognition systems. Track their movements across various stalls, exhibits and stands, the speakers they listen to or the meetings they conduct at the venue. Conduct feedback research through emotion detection.

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