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Application Maintenance & Support

Make your software solutions last longer. Streamline business processes and garner greater customer satisfaction by maintaining and enhancing existing applications

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  • Application Maintenance

    Application optimization, infrastructure optimization, performance monitoring, security code reviews, new feature testing and integrations. Application Maintenance may also include modification of the applications functionality, bug fixes, application of patches, upgrades and creation of augmenting solutions

  • Application Support

    We offer level 1 and level 3 support to users on the applications we maintain. Level 1: App usage issues, Level 2: Operational issues, Level 3: Introducing modifications to the code and database to solve complicated challenges

Adapt your software to your organization’s changing business needs with our application support and maintenance offerings. Both legacy and modern applications require constant monitoring and periodic maintenance. Outsourcing your application maintenance and support to experts allows you to focus on other mission-critical processes within your enterprise.

We will work with you to understand your business architecture and provide an immediate response to your queries, keeping in mind the unique end-user experience. From troubleshooting to modifying and updating software to anticipating and preparing for possible glitches, Zerone’s application maintenance and support solutions ensure seamless business continuity with almost zero downtime.

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