Being able to glean insights from both unstructured and structured data is one of the biggest reasons why cognitive computing has taken the world by storm. Build leaner, profitable processes at your place of business by leveraging FRT and NLP solutions that we offer.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    An NLP solution was implemented that generates reports consisting of insights based on textual data analysis and is shared with an organization's customers.

    Learn more about how you can turn R&D insights to reduce manual work as well as serve your customers better.

  • Face Recognition Technology (FRT)

    An FRT solution was developed that records eight emotions of patients to accurately evaluate the performance of their caregiving staff.

    Read more about how you can secure your business by using our facial detection and recognition technologies.

  • Without these cognitive solutions in place, costs remain high, along with the error rate of task completion.

  • As these tasks are carried out manually, businesses cannot gather data or generate insights to improve internal processes.

  • Without technology available to solve problems, consistency and accuracy are not maintained at optimal levels.

  • Without the implementation of cognitive solutions, the time-to-market duration remain at inefficient levels.

Our Unique Approach

Organizations can get bogged down when completing tasks that require human capabilities such as sensory perception, learning, and reasoning.

Contact Zerone to help you automate tasks by deploying their cognitive solutions at your organization to improve your core operation in terms of quality and efficiency.

Case Studies
  • Insights Management Powered by Natural Language Processing

    100% streamlining of customer’s insights management platform with NLP technology. Using natural

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  • Cognitive OCR Solution for Invoice Processing System

    In spite of all the existing electronic solutions, around 80% of all invoices, remittances, and p...

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  • Automatic Vehicle Identification Using Number Plate Recognition

    Integration of cognitive optical character recognition (OCR) and AI into the Driver Assistance mo...

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