Digital Transformation

We are not just in the midst of the next industrial revolution but we are also navigating the technology landscape at the speed of thought. A customer-centric, and agile approach is vital to move on with the changing times. Add strengths to your own digital ecosystem to power you ahead of the pack.

  • Product Engineering

    A micropayments solution developed for a club and organization management company made it quick and easy to collect payments on time.

    Discover how we realize concepts into tangible, highly-customized, feature-rich products through product development engineering.

  • Modernization

    A cloud application developed for a destination management company is offering its customers an outstanding experience after automating all its processes.

    Find out more about the technologies, strategies, product engineering models, and channels that are a part of this digital process automation approach.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    An RPA solution built for a healthcare software solutions provider is helping them gather data as well as compile and disseminate health reports in real-time.

    Learn more about how we automate business processes through the deployment of RPA technologies.

  • Failure to re-engineer legacy applications can result in lost customers and reputation.

  • Lack of automation in your business can prove to be expensive and time-consuming.

  • Not adopting Agile or DevOps can work against achieving operational efficiency.

  • Not reworking the UI/UX interface of applications can result in lost customers.

Our Unique Approach

Due to fast-changing markets, businesses find themselves faced with the prospect of upgrading their infrastructure and applications. Take advantage of Zerone’s digital transformation solutions in this respect across multiple channels to revamp your software and infrastructure.

  • Case Study

    Digital Transformation in Resource Ma...

    We developed a full-fledged, cloud-based Recruitment and Contractor Management application to acc...

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  • Case Study


    Developed an RPA software to record patient information and health reports for a leading healthca...

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  • Case Study

    Micropayment Solution for Membership ...

    Our micropayment processing solution is now used by 1000+ clubs, and it supports club admins to e...

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