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Even if the latest technologies that we use are at the heart of Zerone's success, our core values and work ethics matter just as much. Understand who we are as part of Team Zerone as we continue to develop the latest services and solutions for our clients.

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  • With employees feeling overworked, our clients will notice a drop in excellence

  • If there’s a lack of respect or integrity, this will also result in lack of focus on the solutions and services we develop

  • Without continuous improvement and diversification into other areas of technology, being able to offer our clients solutions will remain an unreachable goal.

  • If our employees remain non-committal to finishing their deliverables, this will result in delays and extra costs to client.

Our Unique Approach

In being our most valuable resource, our employees remain our first priority. It’s simple: if your employees are happy, this will result in clients experiencing satisfaction.

Get in touch with our team at Zerone who exemplify these core values of commitment, respect, integrity, a passion for excellence, continuous learning, and to achieve that elusive work-life balance.

Case Studies
  • Seamless Migration of Client’s Applications and Databases from On-Premises to Cloud

    With the seamless migration of applications and databases from on-premises to cloud, our

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  • Enhancing the Healthcare Industry with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    Streamlined data management is one of the key challenges of the healthcare industry. We helped

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  • Mobile Application to Monitor Healthcare Plan Progress

    The customer makes healthcare plans (related to diet and lifestyle) for elderly patients in the U...

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