Data Analytics

Data Analytics

With data analytics helping businesses increase operational efficiency and discover new revenue sources, insights-driven digital transformation is here to stay. Optimize business processes as well as improve the customer experience by harnessing Zerone's data analytics capabilities.

An online reputation management platform revamped for a leading software developer helped them gather customer reviews and feedback from a number of sources with just a few clicks.
Find out how we can collect, clean, and collate data to improve organizational processes, products, and services.

Three tools developed for a marketing and advertising firm helped its customers identify and select influencers based on obtained advanced insights.
Discover how we can not only collect, capture, and report analytical insights to reduce research and analysis time but also identify influencers with greater accuracy.

  • Internet of things

    A US based manufacturer of innovative water chemistry controllers accurately monitors and record water quality data through a mobile IoT solution that connects disparate devices.

    Securely integrate your organization’s IoT devices and platforms to track performance, manage operations and draw actionable insights in real time.

  • Blockchain Services

    A custom blockchain solution developed for a resume verification services firm ensures the security of verified data from any unauthorized access.

    Develop, Deploy and Integrate custom Blockchain applications to enable businesses to conduct global transactions seamlessly and more securely.

  • Mobile Application Development

    Administrators of an insurance-related professional organization manage events effortlessly through custom-built mobile application.

    Enable your business for greater outreach, better performance and personalized customer experiences with enterprise-grade mobile applications.

  • Custom Development

    A travel and tourism business replaced a legacy system with a cutting-edge alternative for greater scalability, security and integration.

    Make a leap from legacy applications or think business solutions ground up. Build modern customized omni-channel applications with seamless workflows.

  • Inability to implement technologies that collect raw data and process it into vital insights is a missed opportunity to leverage new business opportunities.

  • False or no insights into operations is very possible if businesses cannot collect or even clean the data they gather.

  • Failure to visualize data and arrive at the right insights will not achieve the desired business outcomes.

  • Lack of aggregation and analytics experience will not help your organization achieve business transformation.

Our Unique Approach

Organizations that do not know how to gather, clean, and analyze their data can often fail to use possible-to-obtain insights to their advantage.

Get in touch with Zerone to fully leverage the insights your data can reveal so that you can revitalize your processes, apart from capitalizing on new business opportunities.

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