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    At Zerone, we help enterprises by bringing life to their innovative ideas with robust technological solutions and utilizing our effective research and development strategy to enhance existing products and launching new services and technologies. Our team of innovation consulting experts and RnD engineers can help with integrating innovation into your business by evaluating latest technologies and industry trends.

    Gain an innovative edge and lead your product to market excellence by implementing emerging technologies to reduce costs and improve time to market. With our Innovation lab as a service, we can perform market research, create prototypes, build an MVP to foster innovation and achieve optimum resource utilization to build quality products and fulfill specific market needs.

Where we excel in

  • Zerone helps businesses with inspiring solutions around disruptive technologies by constantly gaining knowledge to design, develop and enhance company’s products and processes . Capitalize on our tech expertise and industry knowledge to explore new product ideas and innovate on emerging technologies to reduce costs, accelerate development and reduce time to market.

  • Zerone ensures optimal performance tuning of applications along with security solutions to enhance the customer experience and create excellent digital experiences. Our Rnd experts can help you identify the technologies and methodologies to solve specific business challenges and develop frameworks to maximize application performance with visualization and management solutions.

  • At Zerone, we have a team of innovation consulting experts and RnD engineers that will design and engineer a unique technological solution to create new innovative products or add new features to old products. In addition, our team also researches and develops new unseen solutions or technological concepts to create groundbreaking products which create new business verticals.

  • Build future ready digital products with experts to transform your dream idea into tangible business outcomes. We help businesses to create new products or processes or improve existing products by building MVPs and POCs that have usable features. In addition, leverage our understanding of emerging technologies to experiment new product ideas and solve complex business challenges that can help you with attracting new customers and increasing your market share.

  • Our RnD experts will develop a proof of concept at the start of development to identify any technical and logistical issues that might interfere with the success of your product and to verify that the idea will function as envisioned. With this approach our aim is to eliminate risks in the project and ensure that your application idea will definitely work.

Types of projects suitable for innovation labs

  • New product development

    Innovation labs are ideal for developing innovative and disruptive new products, involving new technologies, user interfaces, and business models

  • Process innovation

    Innovation labs drive process innovation by optimizing existing processes through new technologies, data analytics, and process redesign for increased efficiency and waste reduction

  • Digital transformation

    Innovation labs facilitate digital transformation by developing digital products/services and digitizing workflows, helping organizations adapt to the digital age

  • Service design

    Innovation labs enhance service design by using design thinking to identify customer needs, pain points, and deliver innovative solutions for new or improved services

Here are some of the technologies & tools that we focus on

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our services feature NLP and regenerative AI, driving the development of chatbots, assistants, and recommendation systems that enhance efficiency and customer experience. Furthermore, Zerone's capabilities encompass

Internet of things (IoT)

Our IoT experts can help you develop smart homes, smart cities, and other applications that improve productivity, efficiency, and quality of life.


Our blockchain experts can help you develop applications such as cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and supply chain management systems that leverage the power of distributed ledger technology.

Cloud computing

Our cloud experts can help you develop applications that are scalable, cost-effective, and accessible from anywhere.

Our Approach to innovation project

Define the problem

We start by identifying the problem you are trying to solve. We conduct research, collect data, and analyze the information to gain insights and understanding

Generate ideas

Once we have identified the problem, we generate ideas using brainstorming sessions, ideation workshops, or design thinking exercises. We involve diverse perspectives and stakeholders to generate a range of ideas

Evaluate ideas

We evaluate ideas based on factors such as feasibility, impact, and alignment with your organization's goals. We select the most promising ideas and develop them further, incorporating appropriate emerging technologies


We create a prototype, model, or minimum viable product (MVP) to test the idea and gather feedback. We refine the prototype based on feedback from users, stakeholders, and team members, and ensure that appropriate emerging technologies are incorporated into the solution.

Test and refine

We test the prototype in the real world and gather feedback to refine the idea further. This step involves multiple iterations until the final product or process is ready for launch, using cutting-edge emerging technologies

Launch and implement

We develop a plan for implementation, train stakeholders, and launch the product or process to the market, using appropriate emerging technologies

Evaluate and improve

We evaluate the success of the innovation project and identify areas for improvement. We track key performance indicators (KPIs), analyze feedback from customers and stakeholders, and make necessary improvements to the product or process, incorporating the latest emerging technologies

Join our Innovation Lab to revolutionize your business today.

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