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  • Sales Executive

  • Senior Executive- Business Development

    Experience: 4-6 years.


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Our benefits are CRAZY good

  • Awesome EnvironmentExciting and inspiring as it can get, we have a work environment that is fast-paced and engaging; yet challenging. We encourage a collaborative work culture that fosters innovation, continuous learning and personal growth. We constantly motivate and support each other to achieve our team goals. And we don’t miss having loads of fun while at it.

  • Zerone Fun Days We at Zerone do believe in the idiom, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. All of us get ample opportunities to showcase our talents, take part in events and celebrate with each other. Our Family Day, Sports Day and Team Outing are eagerly awaited events every year. We celebrate major festivals with great opulence. In between all these, we take part in corporate competitions, team events, online games and other fun activities. Enjoy work; enjoy life – that’s our motto.

Our Benefits are CRAZY Good:

    • Rewards & Recognitions

      We love celebrating achievements. To augment that, we have a robust R&R program.

    • Salary Advance

      Emergencies are part of life. We extend our hand to support our members tide through such difficult times.

    • Transport

      We provide the last mile connectivity to those who use the public transport system to & from office.

    • Special Leaves

      In addition to the standard leaves, our members get to take part in important events in their lives like marriage, childbirth or loss of an immediate family member availing special leaves.

    • Leave for Covid-19

      Given the pandemic situation we are in, any affected member can peacefully recover without having the pressure at work.

    • Additional Work Allowance

      Members who have to sacrifice their personal time to honour client commitments, are well looked after.

    • Odd Shift Allowance

      Members working on different timelines get to enjoy additional benefits.

    • Employee Referral Bonus

      We encourage our members to recommend their known people to join us through an exciting bonus program.

    • Out Pass

      Instead of availing leave to take care of a personal need during office hours, members can take an out pass for a couple of hours and compensate it later.



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