High performance digital businesses are building omnichannel experiences and optimizing operational efficiencies. Navigate this continuous journey effortlessly with carefully constructed services and delivery frameworks.

  • Custom Application Development

    A leading healthcare ISV saved 80% on invoicing costs with a custom cloud-based procurement exchange platform.

    Custom-build solutions to solve your business-specific challenges.

  • Cloud Services

    A fast-growing financial hub with an independent internationally-regulated judicial system adopted cloud and saw a 65% reduction in maintenance costs.

    Transform your IT infrastructure, and your existing business-critical applications from the ground up with our cloud services. Embrace digital disruption with cloud migration services, cloud-native applications, and DevOps cloud services

  • Digital Transformation

    A leading healthcare ISV saved 80% on invoicing costs with a custom cloud-based procurement exchange platform.

    Discover how our digital transformation Initiatives are changing how organizations function.

  • Data Analytics

    An advertising firm used NLP to automate in-depth text data analysis and rapid insights generation for their end-users.

    Overcome inefficient analyses and manual tedious processes for data-driven transformation.


Zerone provides the expertise and tools your enterprise needs to adopt cloud practices. Our full range of cloud services helps you gain data-driven insights on how cloud adoption will transform your organization.

  • Cloud-Native Applications

    A well-established workforce management company improved its performance tracking accuracy by 85%

    Game-changing cloud-native applications that enable innovation and business continuity. Our end-to-end solutions revolutionize app development with independent components that can be scaled according to customer demand.

    cloud native application
  • Application Cloud Enablement

    A leading destination management company saw a 55% reduction in operational and maintenance costs with our cloud-enabled solutions

    Embrace disruptive cloud benefits to futureproof your systems and solutions. Implement revolutionary changes and drive rapid business value with our agile principles and iterative development strategies.

    Application cloud enablement
  • DevOps Cloud Services

    A procurement exchange platform showed 50% more effective invoice processing after adopting DevOps cloud services

    Reduce deployment time and eliminate glitches while maximizing the quality and stability of your applications. Improve your customer experience with the right mix of automation tools

    devops cloud services

Artificial Intelligence

Business across Industry Verticals have leveraged Zerone’s unique and dependable path to digital transformation. Our solutions are a culmination highly optimized delivery models, industry best practices and best-of-breed technologies.

  • Facial Recognition

    A government authority’s crime prevention initiative keeps criminals off-premises by integrating the latest FRT along with existing video surveillance.

    Build your own user personas with Zerone’s facial recognition and analytics solution.

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  • Natural Language Programming (NLP)

    A leading marketing organization sifts through high volumes of unstructured data to successfully engage with influencers in their fields of work.

    Unravel deep insights on customer sentiment, brand performance, user behaviour and more from structured or unstructured data.

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Case Studies
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    Seamless customs clearance is a challenge for many international logistics providers. Using manua...

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