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    Grow your digital footprint at speed with our next-gen application development solutions that combine immersive digital experiences, agile development frameworks and innovative technologies.

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  • What we can do for you

    At Zerone, we help businesses to build, manage and modernize custom Web and Mobile applications. Our dedicated development teams can help you to build fully functional, robust, and scalable applications across all modern platforms and devices. Leverage the latest technology stacks to build scalable, secure, customizable, and maintainable applications over their lifecycle.

    Our comprehensive application development solutions include technology consultation, development, testing, support, and maintenance. Future-proof your business today with superior-quality applications that create value for your business and seamless user experiences.

Where we excel

Diversity and depth of technologies

Compliance frameworks and practices

Cost-effective solutions

Risk-free outsourcing

Reliability and predictability of delivery

True-to-spirit user experience

Extending and refining requirements

Adaptability to change requests

Capability to serve as a strategic partner

True-to-spirit user experience

Culture of high ownership

Why clients trust us

  • Risk-free outsourcing

    Zerone takes the work and worries out of offshore outsourcing by finding a perfectly matching team of developers for any type of project. To establish a win-win collaboration with our clients we follow a milestone delivery model with trial phases to eliminate all risks associated with outsourcing. Furthermore, we have designed our payment structure to synchronize payment dates with delivery timetables to eliminate all investment risks.

  • Offshore advantage

    Our offshore business model allows you to match powerful tech potential with affordable operational costs. The offshore approach can help you with cost-saving from 40%-60% compared to onshore development costs. Moreover, you can source highly qualified tech professionals with specific competencies that follow international standards and quality.

  • End to end capabilities

    We offer high-quality end to end application development services to help improve your business. We give support from the ideation, and prototyping stage to implementation and post-implementation stages, ensuring that you do not require the services of any other vendor even after the development of your application.

  • Reliability and maximum project visibility

    We provide our customers with project progress visibility using agile, DevOps practices and tools to ensure stakeholders have a clear picture of the project performance, distribution of responsibilities and project goals at every stage of application development.

  • Flexible engagement

    At Zerone, we offer outsourcing services that are fully customizable, scalable, and compliant to meet your needs. With Zerone as your technology partner, you can make use of our expertise in different areas and select from different engagement and hiring models adjusting to the demands of your business.

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