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Artificial Intelligence

Make every datum count with our AI solutions. Build your competitive advantage by gleaning insights from structured or unstructured data

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  • Computer Vision

    Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence and machine learning that studies the technologies and tools that allow for training computers to perceive and interpret visual information from the real world.

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  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    Uncover deep insights from structured and unstructured data, by understanding natural language. Unlock the real potential of data, that helps your business to gain a competitive advantage

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  • Predictive Analysis

    Using Zerone's predictive analysis engine, a leading UK based law firm streamlined and automated their invoice line-item verification system. To go beyond knowing what has happened to provide the best assessment of what will happen in the future.

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  • AI-enablement of custom enterprise applications

    Maximize value from your application with AI enablement for data intensive processes. Zerone’s team of data scientists and solution experts simplify your journey to AI enablement.

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AI and Machine Learning is not just accelerating, but adding new depths to digital experiences, digital operations and core digital systems. Enterprises have leveraged Zerone’s AI capabilities to understand their customers better, personalize experiences, predict behaviours, process visual information and streamline operations.

Whether it is picking out your customers in real-time with facial recognition or understanding customer sentiments with natural language processing or enabling your custom applications with the power of AI, work with Zerone to transform your business.



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