Driving digital transformation through AI during COVID-19

Digital transformation during COVID-19 with AI

Case Study

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working practices have become the norm. In companies that have large, distributed setups, digital transformation has become the need of the hour to streamline operations and ensure business continuity.

The Need:

Running day-to-day operations more effectively, delivering on value propositions and remaining competitive by adopting digitization.

The Solution:

An AI Engine to digitize processes and collaborate remotely. The challenge alongside the technical complications was the short time in which the solution needed to be implemented. Particularly where teams across the board were all working remotely and physical collaboration was near impossible. Zerone also worked in a distributed software development environment to formulate a solution for the client.

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The Zerone Approach:

We took a two-pronged approach – one the solution by itself, that leveraged AI-powered graphical modeling techniques to capture data, processes, and events. The second involved an optimized digital collaboration model that broke beyond time differences with the need to rely on remote development. In record-setting time, digital transformation powered by AI was achieved. Using the DevOps methodology, building on WYSIWYG to save time and leveraging on technologies such as IBM Watson and voice recognition APIs from Alexa, the team delivered the solution that near-100% eliminated business disruption. Download the case study to explore the approach, the working model, and the benefits.