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Predictive Analysis

Solutions to maximize revenue and optimize operational efficiency by anticipating customer behaviour and outcomes

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  • Anomaly Detection

    Anomaly detection is an unsupervised learning problem in which hidden patterns in unlabeled data must be discovered. When conditions deviate from "normal" operating conditions, it determines that something unusual is happening.

  • fraud detection

    Predictive analytics can be used by fraud examiners to detect potential security threats and duplicate payments, insurance fraud, credit card fraud, and to establish patterns in high-crime areas, among other things.

  • Forecasting

    Predictive forecasting is an automated forecasting technique that allows for ongoing forecast adjustments to assist the organization in identifying new opportunities and hazards early on and growing financially.

  • Pattern finding

    Pattern recognition is a data analysis technique that employs machine learning algorithms to detect patterns and regularities in data automatically. Text, photos, audio, and other specified qualities can all be included in this data. Pattern recognition systems are capable of swiftly and reliably recognizing known patterns.

Predictive analysis is about predicting the future from your existing data: data mining information from data sets and analyzing it to find patterns and predict future events or trends. Whether you want to create the right promotions, minimize downtimes, personalize experiences, our AI-based predictive analysis frameworks can help you make the right decisions.

Designed using open-source technologies to reduce recurring licensing costs, our predictive analysis framework can be hosted on-premise to avoid data protection risks typically associated with hosting data on any third-party servers. Our flexible integration service paves a smooth way for businesses who want to integrate third-party predictive services like Azure and AWS or existing applications with our platform and take full advantage of the AI capabilities within our framework.

What we do in Predictive Analysis

  • Processing huge amounts of structured and unstructured data
  • Semantic Analysis of Unstructured Content to derive insights
  • Identifying emotions behind speech through sentiment analysis
  • Finding the most pertinent information from large databases
  • Improving accuracy and efficiency of documentation process


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