Custom Application

Custom Application Development

Future-proofing your business calls for digital applications that are tailored to enable your business roadmap and charter. For over 15 years, enterprises and ISVs have tapped into Zerone’s expertise in custom applications to reduce costs, accelerate time to market and improve operational efficiency.

Our team of solution architects and developers starts by understanding your business and translating concepts to definitions. At Zerone, we combine the best data skills and emerging digital technologies to build out applications to deliver on the intended business outcomes. Our industry hardened agile-based approach ensures that every need is met while delivering high quality releases incrementally to lower risk.

  • Agile Methodology

    From concept through prototyping and iterative development to testing and release, we deliver quality, transparency, flexibility, and continuous improvement.

  • Omnichannel Development

    With customer and stakeholder interactions cutting across devices and channels, a true omnichannel approach facilitates a consistent and optimal experience for everyone.

  • Native Mobile Application Development

    Build native and hybrid mobile applications for major platforms such as Android and iOS that are customized, robust and innovative.

  • Focus on Scalability and Security

    We develop apps that are not only capable of handling scale in an intuitive and organic way but also secure and robust in maintaining the sanctity of its data and processes.

Our Approach to Custom App Development Services

Discovery All you need to start is an idea, a sketch, an existing application or a business problem. We work closely with the stakeholders to explore the possibilities, define scope and identify the challenges

Storyboard Create User Stories and their contexts. Rigorous brainstorming sessions ensure that every possible scenario is covered.

Prototype Create working prototypes that are true representations of the final product. An iterative process where errors and omissions from the User Stories are identified and additional requirements elicited from the users.

Agile Engineering Rapidly create working software in iterations for a flexible and adaptive software development process. The frequent release of demonstrable product drives innovation and factor customer feedback.

System Testing The software is put through rigorous Functional, Performance, Usability and Integration testing. Ensure that the application does what it is meant to do, integrates with external systems seamlessly and is robust and scalable

User Acceptance The software in now hosted to mimic the live environment with all external integrations in place. Actual users test the software in real-world scenarios. Deficiencies identified are fixed and the product becomes ready to go live.

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