AWS Joins CNCF, Asserts its Commitment to Technology Standards

AWS Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation to Drive Cloud-Native Standards

Amazon Web Services (AWS) becomes a full-fledged member of the world’s leading source container standards body- the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). This platinum membership is a significant milestone for AWS as it joins a grand party of the software tycoons including Google, IBM, Red Hat and other front-runners in the digital space. Once again, AWS has proved how standards matter when it comes to driving technology initiatives.

Though AWS owns a huge market share, Containers is an area upon which AWS didn’t have a major clutch. By joining CNCF, Amazon Web Services has recognized the relevance of Kubernetes, an open source container management platform developed by Google. According to a recent survey by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, 63% of respondents run containers on AWS. Many of the established companies are already using Kubernetes in production on AWS. Joining CNCF, AWS pledges to play a key role in the cloud native community, by contributing to Kubernetes as well as other prominent cloud native technologies.

A large chunk of CNCF projects are already running in the AWS Cloud and with the new CNCF membership, users will have an incredible experience running the workloads on AWS. Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation comments that the “participation will shape the future of enterprise computing.”

What Users Will Gain with the Recent AWS Move?

When AWS realized the growing role of Kubernetes, the organization decided to go by the industry standards. What we now have is a streamlined and logical path to containerization- a technology that allows you to break down the application into discrete manageable chunks, which makes updates easier. Containerization also lets you clearly define and execute developer tasks and operation tasks in a DevOps model.

Sticking to standardized container management process will help AWS vendors in forecasting concerns and formulating ways to address the issues in advance. This is critical when you build your unique tools on top of AWS.

Agreeing to a sense of standard can take off technology to the next level, just like how the World Wide Web boomed in the 20th century. As a market leader, AWS has really proved why standard matters to technology in the digital age.

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