Azure Marketplace Now Features AI Products from H2O

Microsoft Azure users all over the world, especially healthcare organizations now get complete access to the full suite of AI products from, an open source leader in artificial intelligence. has announced the availability of its complete range of products in Azure Marketplace including H2O (open-source machine learning platform for enterprises), Sparkling Water (the best machine learning platform on Spark), and H2O Driverless AI. While Azure users can take advantage of H2O’s AI without changing their cloud environment, customers can leverage the top-class scalability, availability, and security offered by Azure Cloud which in turn supports streamlined deployment and management.

H2O is a fully open source, distributed in-memory machine learning platform with linear scalability. It supports the most common statistical & machine learning algorithms including gradient boosted machines, generalized linear models, and deep learning models. H2O also has an AutoML functionality that automatically runs through all the algorithms and their hyperparameters to produce a leaderboard of the best models. The platform is popular in both the R & Python communities. H2O’s Sparkling Water is an open sourced machine learning platform that works with Spark 2.0, sparklyr, and PySpark. It allows users to combine the fast, scalable machine learning algorithms with the capabilities of Spark. H2O’s Driverless AI empowers data scientists to work on projects faster using automation and state-of-the-art computing power from GPUs, meaning that the tasks which take months to complete can be accomplished in minutes. Data scientists, domain scientists, and data engineers can develop trusted machine learning models using Driverless AI.

In a recent press release, CEO and founder of Sri Ambati remarks like this, “With H2O and Driverless AI in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, we bring powerful AI capabilities to the fingertips of data science and machine learning teams worldwide.”

ArmadaHealth, a health data science and services company is a customer of both and a Microsoft Azure. This healthcare organization has created a scalable, automated, data-driven platform to handle the high-volume needs of a healthcare physician recommendation service based on sophisticated ontologies and algorithms. Bharath Sudharsan, Director of Data Science and Innovation at ArmadaHealth says, “Our goal is to ensure we bring the best of data science, analytics and clinical intelligence to provide precise navigational assistance for patients seeking care. H2O Driverless AI and Microsoft Azure really give us the edge in terms of feature engineering – the core of any machine learning project.”

Major vendors like IBM, Microsoft, and others predict the inevitable role of AI in enterprise decision-making in the coming years. Introduction of AI platforms into Azure Marketplace enables Azure users to integrate AI into their IT infrastructure much more quickly.

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