COVID-19 Effect: An AI tool to ensure social distancing in office premises

COVID-19 has undeniably been one of the worst crises to have affected the world in recent times. It has forever changed the way we live our lives and interact with one another. A third of the world has been under lockdown, with business operations in most countries being shut down entirely since early March. The pandemic has left an enormous socioeconomic impact in its wake and is forcing us to reimagine the way our society will operate moving forward.

Lockdown rules are starting to be relaxed in many parts of the world, and exit strategies are being defined and implemented to ensure that the world is prepared to face the unpredictable. Since businesses are considering a graded return to normal, adequate systems need to be put in place to ensure that an unexpected surge in infections can be avoided.

Companies are being allowed to resume operations, albeit with critical restrictions in place. Organizations are encouraged to operate at 50% capacity while strictly adhering to social distancing norms of staying 3 feet apart, inside office premises. However, it is often challenging for employees to keep track of the distance between themselves and others, especially in organizational setups like warehouses and supply chain companies.

How can an organization ensure that its employees are following social distancing rules that have been put in place? Some organizations make use of CCTV cameras to manually parse daily footage and trace employees who flout distancing norms. This exercise requires a dedicated person to go through each video file and record details of the rule-breakers, which is a tedious and time-consuming process.

How can you keep your workplace safe?

To overcome this challenge, Zerone has developed an intelligent AI tool that monitors employees at a workplace and identifies if social distancing standards are being followed at all times. This cutting-edge solution can receive input from a real-time video feed or a pre-recorded video file.


In the office premises, cameras could be installed in areas with high footfalls, such as entry and exit points, the cafeteria, and passageways. The AI-based solution uses advanced machine learning methodologies to scan the video feed in real time and note any possible breaches in a centralized database. The solution also has an alert mechanism that is triggered when two people come too close to each other.

Some variations of the solutions had facial recognition technology integrated with the AI tool so that the employee can be identified, and the HR department can discreetly educate the offender about the disadvantages of not distancing themselves from others. Another version of this AI tool has the additional capability of a thermal scanner integrated with a camera installed at the entry point. This way, symptomatic employees can be identified and warned even before they enter the office premises.

This tool can play a crucial role in ensuring that the workplace is safe for employees that need to work on the premises. The nature of the virus is unpredictable and it can often be a cause for panic. As the world navigates through these unchartered waters, company leaders need to formulate a strategic plan of action for their employees to ensure their well-being. To know more about this state-of-the-art solution that can help you keep your employees safe, talk to an expert from Zerone today.

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