HIMMS19 Witnesses a New Partnership on Blockchain-Based Medical Imaging

Bitfury, the world’s leading full-service blockchain technology company, Longenesis, a tech startup that merges AI and blockchain, and Medical Diagnostics Web (MDW), a growing radiology marketplace have announced a partnership that aims to bring the best of blockchain implementations into the field of radiology. Pronounced at the beginning of this week, the proposed alliance plans to create a next-generation blockchain platform that will support sharing, maintaining and securing of medical imaging and diagnostics data.

The Bitfury Group, founded in 2011 is a leading security and infrastructure provider for the Bitcoin Blockchain. Bitfury develops innovative hardware to secure cryptocurrencies and blockchains. It also provides software for many world-class applications through its Exonum™ private blockchain framework. Longenesis is a product of Bitfury’s joint venture with the artificial intelligence-focused company Insilico Medicine. Longenesis provides data management and data analytics solutions for various players in the healthcare industry, utilizing AI and blockchain technologies.

Medical Diagnostics Web is a first-of-its-kind radiology blockchain platform that connects all players in the medical imaging ecosystem. MDW is an open and transparent marketplace for image interpretation. It enables radiologists to contract with imaging facilities and securely share patient data and medical images such as X-rays or CT scans for interpretation.

An official press release states that the infrastructure of this groundbreaking partnership will be built on top of Bitfury’s Exonum™ private blockchain framework. This is expected to take the security of sensitive medical data to the next level. It will provide users with a more robust and discrete environment, where transactions can be validated by nodes installed at a variety of respected sites, using “anchoring” technology to increase trust in recorded transactions.

This sophisticated infrastructure comes with built-in data anonymization, advanced encryption features, and user permissions which complement many of the present features of MDW such as its immutable blockchain audit trails as well as tamper-proof records of patient data. This creates a safe and transparent way for users to exchange data, thereby enhancing the quality of care. Besides, the new platform improves operational efficiency and supports interoperability throughout the continuum of care.

The spokespersons of Bitfury, Longenesis and MDW believe that the new blockchain-based medical imaging platform could probably solve many of today’s pressing problems in medical imaging, like access to service and delivery as well as communication and integration across the gamut of care.

Bitfury, Longenesis and Medical Diagnostics Web declared their partnership at the venue of the HIMSS 2019 Global Conference & Exhibition being held this week at Orlando, Florida.

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