IBM Watson Health’s New Partnership Leverages AI in Liver Imaging

Guerbet, an international pharmaceutical group specialized in medical imaging is partnering with IBM Watson Health to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) solution to support liver cancer diagnostics. The partnership aims to co-develop innovative, clinical decision support solutions by employing a combination of AI, CT and MRI imaging, and advanced care. Named as “Watson Imaging Care Advisor for Liver”, the project plans to build a diagnostic support tool that will use AI to automate the detection, staging, tracking, monitoring, therapy prediction and therapy response of primary and secondary liver cancer for clinicians.

Today, liver cancer is identified as the second leading cause of cancer related death worldwide. About 83% of primary liver cancer cases have been reported from developing nations. Among patients with digestive cancer, nearly 50% develop metastases in the liver. Improved characterization methods and earlier detection of these metastases can increase the chances of recovery. “The use of augmented intelligence in medical imaging is well positioned to address the challenges posed by liver cancer”, remarks Yves L’Epine, CEO of Guerbet.

Watson Imaging Care Advisor for Liver will be designed to be compatible with the most common PACS visualization systems. It can be integrated quickly into the workflows of healthcare professionals. Medical imaging is a critical area of healthcare where artificial intelligence can support the physician to make more informed decisions on treatment and patient care. The new AI tool will be powered by IBM Watson image analytics. The insights derived from Watson image analytics is used to support informed clinical decisions. Empowering radiologists with augmented intelligence will enable more innovative solutions for cancer care, and ultimately improve the care pathways.

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