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How did you get started with cloud adoption? Unlock new avenues and add elasticity to your business with the right cloud-based solutions

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  • Cloud Migration Services

    We help organizations migrate their workloads to a cloud platform through a strategic, proven, low-risk approach. Improve productivity, decrease costs, increase scalability and leverage the power of the cloud to have a regulatory-compliant infrastructure while maintaining the core functionalities of the application.

  • Cloud Native Services

    Take a cloud-first approach to application development. Move away from legacy monolithic architectures to microservices based architectures for your applications. Build for Speed, agility, and scalability with Cloud Native solutions.

  • DevOps Services

    Fast-track your route to on-demand releases, while maintaining high stability and quality of your applications, with DevOps automation. Automate upgrades, maximize system productivity and streamline deployment for faster releases and time-to-market.

With scalability, reduction in expenditure on IT, and business continuity becoming the need of the hour, it should come as no surprise that cloud-based applications continue to grow exponentially. Be it lift-and-shift migration, cloud hopping services to move between cloud service providers, DevOps services, or cloud-native, we handhold you from strategy to execution and go to market with our best-in-class cloud infrastructure capabilities. The experts at Zerone will help you manage your technology stack with a variety of cloud services to suit your every business need.

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