Cloud Services

With scalability, reduction in expenditure on IT, and business continuity becoming the need of the hour, it should come as no surprise that cloud-based applications continue to grow exponentially. Lift-and-shift, custom-builds or cloud-native, we handhold you from strategy to execution and go to market with our best-in-class could infrastructure capabilities.

Our architects developed a cloud infrastructure to enhance a procurement exchange platform that facilitates the flow of business information across several applications and platforms. Learn more about how you can implement one of these PaaS cloud-based solutions at your organization.

A cloud-based solution built for a fleet management solutions vendor not only helped optimize database performance during peak hours but also added the fault tolerance feature across the board. Find out how we can help you throughout the process of moving your business away from a traditional in-house IT infrastructure.

  • Internet of things

    A US based manufacturer of innovative water chemistry controllers accurately monitors and record water quality data through a mobile IoT solution that connects disparate devices.

    Securely integrate your organization’s IoT devices and platforms to track performance, manage operations and draw actionable insights in real time.

  • Blockchain Services

    A custom blockchain solution developed for a resume verification services firm ensures the security of verified data from any unauthorized access.

    Develop, Deploy and Integrate custom Blockchain applications to enable businesses to conduct global transactions seamlessly and more securely.

  • Mobile Application Development

    Administrators of an insurance-related professional organization manage events effortlessly through custom-built mobile application.

    Enable your business for greater outreach, better performance and personalized customer experiences with enterprise-grade mobile applications.

  • Custom Development

    A travel and tourism business replaced a legacy system with a cutting-edge alternative for greater scalability, security and integration.

    Make a leap from legacy applications or think business solutions ground up. Build modern customized omni-channel applications with seamless workflows.

  • Traditional IT infrastructure will require substantial capital expenditure as a business continues to scale its operations.

  • Not adopting cloud native applications won't allow you to benefit from a dynamic infrastructure that makes scalability effortless.

  • Lowered costs that come with cloud infrastructure and application development will not work to your advantage.

  • With cloud-based applications not deployed for your business, putting a robust disaster recovery plan in place will not be possible.

Our Unique Approach

There are limitations to on-premise infrastructures that organizations continue to grapple with. Leverage tailored cloud migration strategies for improved agility, scalability, convenience and cost

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