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Internet of things

Building and implementing an industry-specific IoT platform is a complex development task. While there's no guarantee that an IoT implementation can sustain the interoperability of disparate systems, inconsistent network connectivity can hamper a successful implementation. Not capturing and interpreting data reliably can cause failure, and make you unable to anticipate security breaches. Find an experienced developer who can help you build and implement an industry-specific IoT platform. At Zerone, we only seamlessly integrate all your devices but also collate and analyze data securely.

  • Not staying connected with your customers is unaffordable.
  • Legacy systems can leave business yearning for flexibility and scale.
  • Decisions to invest on ‘build’ over ‘buy’ invariably rests in the detail
  • Big bang approach to bespoke applications can often fail.
  • Asset Tracking

    An IoT solution helped a global asset tracking service recover twice the cost before implementation

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  • IOT Mobile Application

    Over 20 hours of effort was saved through the implementation of a rapidly scalable IoT mobile application that monitored water quality data.

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  • 74% of organizations that have implemented IoT solutions have experienced failure.

  • Interoperability between several IoT systems poses hurdles that inexperienced IoT solutions providers can have difficulty with.

  • Sensors not being able to collect data from devices for important business insights can pose a real problem.

  • Inability to interpret large amounts of unstructured data can render IoT implementations worthless.

Our Approach

Building a seamless and secure IoT implementation requires a strong understanding of the devices that need to be connected, the insights that need to be generated, as well as the sensors that will capture the necessary data. Collaborate with Zerone to develop a customized IoT solution modeled on one of our tried-and-tested, successful integration patterns.

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Put your expertise to good use as a part of our team. Acquire first-hand skills of developing IoT solutions with our tried-and-tested integration patterns.

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