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case Study

Client: A leading Asset Tracking and Fleet Management solutions provider for businesses across the globe with highly distributed and valuable movable assets like fleet management services for industries like construction, plants, waste management, and commercial vehicles. They wanted to re-engineer their existing systems to meet their increasing business needs.


  • Existing system was built on top of obsolete technologies and had limitations on number of assets it can support and the features that it offered. Adding new devices / features was a pain point.​

  • The system was not capable of providing real time data processing and alerting.​

  • The system was inefficient when it had to communicate with devices deployed in geo-locations where GSM connectivity was un-reliable.

The Zerone approach:

We developed a web-based custom software application on the Cloud that could support IoT devices from all manufacturers with minimal effort. A mobile application was also developed to introduce mobility.​To address the limitations of GSM network coverage, we implemented a fallback mechanism for such devices to communicate over a satellite network. The application was customized to receive messages from satellite as well, along with GSM providers.​ With the re-engineered applications, they could improve customer satisfaction, employee performance and increased revenue.

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